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Found 5 results

  1. We are a member organization of 50 and are poise to elect a new president. Presently, only one person is on the ballot. She is included in the slate from our nominating committee. At our monthly meeting in March, our president announced the slate and called for nominations from the floor. When no one responded, she closed the nominations from the floor. There was no motion or vote to do so from the body. It seems that members may want to re-open nominations from the floor before the election due to take place at our April meeting. Since there was only a decree by the chair that the nominations
  2. I was told the story of a member of an HOA who was trying to squash a motion made by another member. He interjected his own motion to adjourn right after the original main motion was presented without receiving the floor. The story continues that the chair then asked for and received a second and called for a vote. The yeas won and the meeting was adjourned. The member making the motions was “an object attached to another object by an inclined plane wrapped around an axis.” He didn’t understand his rights in the meeting. The motion was never mentioned in the minutes. My question: Betw
  3. On page 381 line 35 -382 line 10 it is explained that a member can be entitled recognition over a member seeking to make a main motion if he or she states their intention. How would one phrase this? Would they simply a) rise and ask for recognition and then raise a point of order if not recognized, b ) prefix their attempt at recognition with (I rise) or c) State their intention as they rise and ask for recognition or d) another course of action?
  4. I am a member of a non-profit, member owned bridge club. We are in the midst of a legal action where one member is suing one of the voluntary board members and one of our game directors as a result of disciplinary action imposed resulting from the Zero Tolerance Policy enforced according to the American Contract Bridge League's policies for member clubs. Our Board has received a petition for a "Special" meeting (in accordance with our Constitution with 10 signatures) requesting more information about the law suit. Details can not be discussed at the meeting as both parties have engaged lawyer
  5. A motion is made and seconded and discussion by the Board begins. Does the community have the right to comment at this time or is it only the Board that may discuss the motion?
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