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Found 3 results

  1. In the minutes, I say "after a discussion" or "after a lengthy discussion." I've been putting that in for nearly a year. This month, on the draft, I again had it listed. One of the board members has requested that I put in more detail - it involved an amendment to the previous month's minutes on a contentious topic. The prior minutes are now complete with the new wording. I was under the belief that discussion in general did not go in the minutes, only facts. I feel that if I put in more detail on this topic, it will open up more detail in all agenda items. Suggestions?
  2. Guest

    Minutes Format

    As a constituent organization of a national organization dedicated to the understanding of RONR, and there being NO document published by the national organization addressing this subject, is it required that the contituent organization use the model format for minutes or is the model just a suggestion? As we study RONR, we see that the chairman (or president) has much leeway in making decisions in questions of parliamentary procedures, but does the format of minutes fall under this category? Most of us feel that as long as all substantial information is included in the minutes, that following the minutes format of the national organization's meetings is proper. Only 1 member has a strong issue with this and we've actually lost a secretary over the nit-picking of the minutes! We are trying to stop the madness and just get back to studying RONR. I've "bolded" the main question, but any other info would be helpful.
  3. If one is looking to amend an already exsisting bylaw, how do they go about doing it? Specifically, how should the proposed bylaw change be worded and formatted? What should a proper amendment include?
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