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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, my question is about HOA Board of Directors vote. Our association follows Illinois Condominium Act., Declaration, By-laws, Board Rule Book. Association is registered as Non-profit corporation. (1) Our Board members with no membership approval voted to allow the President (board member) to work as property manager assistant for compensation. (Our By-laws: ........Members of the Board shall receive no compensation for their services, unless expressly allowed by the Board at the direction of the voting members having two-thirds (2/3) of the total votes....) Property Manager whom pushed for her becoming his assistant argues that such is allowed by Robert’s Rules and we should read it. We never used or heard of Robert’s rules. Lately our Property Manager points to it frequently but never explains. I was unable to find anything in Robert’s rules regarding this matter. (2) Based on our By-laws most membership believes the President is not allowed to work for compensation and furthermore that elected Board members committed fraud by changing the rule in the favor of another elected official. (3) Also, some members are questioning if the President lost or gave up her position on the Board by accepting the job within the association. Thank you for your time.
  2. Last month at the annual general meeting of the membership, we had an election that was highly irregular to say the least. As with most bylaws, ours allow corporations to be represented at general meetings. They are required to provide a letter from a superior on letterhead authorizing them to vote upon registration. At the meeting, several individuals were allowed to vote without providing any sort of authorization. In addition to that, members were allowed to cast multiple ballots. A person was allowed to vote as an individual member and act as a representative of a corporation as well - and in one instance, they were allowed to represent two corporate members and themselves. Our bylaws strictly prohibit proxies...and the laws that affect non-profit organizations also states that it's one person, one vote. The total of all these wrongfully issued ballots total at least 23%. I say at least because we only know of two people who cast multiple ballots...but this practice was allowed, meaning many others could have done the same thing. The membership have since requisitioned another general meeting to rectify the situation. Can anyone tell me what kind of a majority is required for a to pass a motion to render the election null and void due to these irregularities? Is this a normal resolution (requiring a simple majority) or is this a special resolution (requiring 75% as per our bylaws). There's also been some contention how to proceed. Some see it as a normal resolution because it's a procedural challenge...some see it as a special resolution because the motion effectively removes directors from office...and some see it as an automatic null-and-void because the election was not held in accordance with our bylaws or with the laws of the land. I don't think it's a special resolution because our motion isn't to remove a director...the fact that directors will be removed as a result should not change the intent or classification of the actual motion itself.
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