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Found 10 results

  1. Guest

    Committee powers

    A committee was formed to oversee a national tour. The chairman assigned by the president has insisted that the contract with the host hotel be presented to the committee and then to the membership for approval. A committee member has taken it upon himself to negotiate and sign the contract without approval of the chairman or the membership. What are our options?
  2. I would like to know if its legal for a duel member SAL and ALR who holds a president or commander in one org. to hold another office in the other org. ?
  3. Guest

    Bylaw amendments

    If proposed bylaw amendments have been voted on and adopted by members can new proposed amendments be immediately submitted for the same bylaws?
  4. Guest


    Our bylaws state that there are four officers: chair, chair-elect, secretary and treasurer. We do not deal with any money, no dues are collected, nothing. Does robert's rules of order require that a treasurer be one of the officers? Is it proper, in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order, to not have an individual assigned as a treasurer in this case?
  5. Guest

    By laws

    When by lays are read on the floor by the committe can amendments be made by members?
  6. I am just wondering if the minutes of a regular Board meeting for a non-profit organization are private to only board members, or are available upon request to non board members of the organization? Thank you
  7. I would like to know if it is required to state in the meeting minutes, who voted no and abstained from a vote.
  8. Guest


    does a brown vote on a negative motion pass the question in the affirmative
  9. Guest


    does a brown vote on a negative motion pass the question in the affirmative
  10. The need to expell a member in our 50 year old voluntary service club is imminent for posting in open social media facebook and his blogs, remarks highly injurious to the good name of our club and for making derogatory remarks on our club officers, accusing them publicly of manipulating and falsifying the club's minutes when he did not even attend the meeting and for refusing to remove and stop all his offending writings or to part ways amicably. Such conduct, umdoubtedly, render him unworthy of membership. Whilst our Club's Constitution & By Laws provide for explusion at a members meeting by a 2/3 majority vote of members present and voting, it is silent on the number of members required for the requisition and the number of days notice for the meeting. Our CBL also provides for proceedings to be conducted in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order but I am unable to find the answers in RONR, hence I am writing to seek help and advice. The logical thing to do is to amend our CBL but this takes time and there is an urgency to stop him from causing more damage. (He is writing almost every day and even fabricating things) Also, a special committee of 4 past presidents was tasked to interview him and come out with its findings and make the appropriate recommendation to our Board of Directors for action. Unfortunately the committee took it upon themselves to make peace between him and the president while he still continues with his offensive blogs and facebook on other members and on the club. Would all those public postings be sufficient to conclude his unworthiness of membership and no further due process is required? Thanks for any advice.
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