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Found 3 results

  1. Could someone please explain in plain english what General Orders means, referencing the top of p.359 in RONR.
  2. If there is an item that continues to come up at each meeting (the filling of a vacancy on the board), does it fall under General Orders or New Business at the next meeting? A motion is made to ask Person A to fill the vacancy who declined. At the next meeting, we voted to ask Person B, who also declined. So we'll be moving onto Person C at our next meeting. Since each of these motions is a "new" motion, is this subject "New Business", or - because it's the same issue - should it fall under General Orders?
  3. Hi, all. It's been a while. Question: For an ordinary society where a bylaws change requires previous notice, under what heading would the motion to amend the bylaws fall? My guess is General Orders, but I can't find a reference in RONR that makes this clear.
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