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Found 1 result

  1. The Association I belong to has an article concerning amending bylaws. The Article states in it's entirety "The Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds (2 / 3) vote of the CEA membership present at the Annual Meeting on the first in-service day of school. All proposed changes to the Bylaws must be approved by the Executive Board prior to their submission to the general membership." My question is if a meeting is not held for numerous reasons (Covid being one of them) and amendments or general revisions are being recommended, how could the association work around the meeting not being held? I reviewed the suspension of rules and that doesn't seem to apply and can find no other means to make amendments. There also is no other means else where in the bylaws to overcome this article statement. Is there a way to overcome this limitation? What if the annual meeting is not held on the first in-service day but at another time? Has this article, the way it is written, significantly constrained the association that only once a year and only during the first in-service day amendments can be made? I don't think this was the intent but the bylaws were last updated 2001 when times were much different. {;ease advise, thank you!
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