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Found 3 results

  1. Hello: I am on the board of a 100+ year old organization. We recently had a person who claims to be an RP tell us that under RONR 12th Ed., we are "not allowed" to have a constitution. We operate under a constitution and separate bylaws, with the constitution being harder to amend, and RONR The closest thing I could find in RONR (Section 2:8), says that it's now advisable practice to combine those separate documents into one - but nothing about it being required. (For what it's worth, we are incorporated in the State of New York). So, my question to the group is: is this "constitution not allowed" argument well-founded, or is it someone simply trying to stir up trouble or prove how smart they are? I'd like to get some other informed opinions.
  2. Our nonprofit board's new chair asked that an executive session be added as a standing item to all board agendas and, further, that the board "automatically" adjourn into executive session at the conclusion of each meeting "in case the board has anything it wants to discuss privately." Does RONR or any authoritative source stipulate a board's consideration of an executive session, e.g., adoption of a main motion (with or without stating the proposed executive session topic), etc.? Or does a nonprofit board self-govern in this respect, absent any guidance from the organization's bylaws?
  3. First of all, I am sorry in advance if this question seems really stupid but I am new to RONR and I am still trying to figure it all out. Is it stated anywhere in RONR that Federal/State Laws take precedence above RONR or taken into consideration when our Bylaws or Standing Rules have no mention? I am currently on trial with my organization for the second time for the same offence with no new charges or evidence. I was acquitted in my first trial and the same executive member started both trials. Nowhere in our rules states that our judicial committee cannot hear this charge but I will like to use a 'double jeopardy' like defense stating that this is not allowed by federal laws. I have also considered using "Object to Consideration" but I am not sure if that is applicable in a trial situation. Any and all help is really appreciated.
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