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Found 2 results

  1. Is there a procedure for a member to file a grievance against a board member? Our Bylaws state that our meetings are ran according to Robert's Rules, but doesn't mention which version. The Bylaws don't state that our organization is governed by Robert's Rules. When I asked about the member filing her grievance, I was told it's in Robert's Rules. Our Bylaws state a grievance can be filed after the member has been suspended or revoked, not prior. Do Bylaws trump Robert's Rules? I am confused. Thanks for the help.
  2. A member of our organization was suspended by an Officer for actions related to 'unbecoming a member' (the member insulted another officer and then threatened to be disruptive to the organization). The Officer that was threatened and insulted filed an incident report; and the Officer that suspended the member submitted a grievance. In the interim that the Grievance Committee was to come together to confer on the grievance, the party that was being grieved also submitted a grievance against the member that suspended him for purported physical contact. It was brought to my attention that unde
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