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  1. HELP!! I'm very new...so I apologize for not understanding correct procedure here. Problem: two members of an organization are frequently disruptive and truly want to remove the President and Treasurer so they can take over. They presented charges - springing the issues at a most inconvenient time. They asked for the President to resign and the Treasurer to resign as well. Procedure they followed: called for a motion, read 32 paged doc pointed at Treasurer. 82 year old Treasurer sat shocked and silent. The accusers (both) read a 6 paged doc pointed at Pres who sat shocked. As soon as the readings were done the accusers called for vote. No opportunity was offered for accused to respond. The motion to sanction did not pass but it was close. The ladies who read the accusations did vote but accused were not given an opportunity to did not. Is it correct to allow accusers who read a written accusation to vote in the motion to proceed? Can the accusers have unlimited opportunities to repeat charges? If accusers vote why can't accused vote? Thanks LoganLady