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Found 5 results

  1. Guest

    procedural motion

    Please help me understand what is, and is not, a procedural motion. Our org documents contain this: "All items for consideration shall be submitted in writing for consideration and inclusion in the agenda. Only procedural motions may be made from the floor during a business meeting." As far as I can tell, the Rules only use "procedural motion" once or twice as a synonym for incidental main motions. In reading articles and speaking with people I find much disagreement about the character of procedural motions. I am most interested in knowing if a procedural motion can be used to introduce a new agenda item during a meeting in progress. Thank you!
  2. Guest

    Ex Officio members

    Are ex officio members of a board or committee always bared from voting if they are members of the larger organization?
  3. I’m treasurer of our organization and the president and VP won’t call meetings required by the bylaws. Should I resign? I’m so frustrated!
  4. Hi, I have a question about some issues that have arose in the Union that I am a member of at my job. The Company that I work for offered their Insurance/Retirement package to us instead of the Union package that we currently have. A special meeting was scheduled to vote on this topic. Information has been limited from our Union Stewards and Committee on the offered plan but with more research, it was a much better deal than what we currently have. The day that we voted, we were given a presentation by the Union and some Union Lawyers about the new plan. We were given quite a bit of false information and were not given any time to research because the vote was held at that meeting. There was also no roster and not accountability for the meeting. We voted by a "show of hands" and there were 5 or 6 people counting and they only counted once. There were also guys that had gotten out of the Union there that voted against the plan as well. Insurance and Retirement is a big issue and should have been a ballot vote. The Chairman and Co-chairman both gave their opinions and were biased against the plan which I believe the Chairman has to stay neutral under Robert's Law. The Plan did not pass but the difference was only about 18 votes or so we were told. The Chairman admitted after the meeting that false information was given to us during the Special Meeting and Vote. I started a petition online to call a Special Meeting to ask for a "revote" and only needed 20 people but got 80 in just 2 hours. I was told my petition would not be accepted because they were not actual signatures and they would not accept a revote. Due to the false information, and lack of a roster, would this vote be Null and Void? If so, where can I find it referenced in Robert's Rule of Order so I can present it to them? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  5. I am posting in here because we need major help with the way our meetings are run. I believe that nothing voted on in this meeting was valid, and then there's the whole other issue of administration chiming in when they should not have. The issues begin toward the end of the video. Please give your opinions
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