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Found 2 results

  1. Guest

    Hiring Process

    Our township board application period ended last 8/7/2019 to hire a new Fire Chief. At tonight's board meeting they decided to extend the application deadline to 8/28/2019. Do they need to make a motion to do this? or is this just something they can do just by discussing it as a board?
  2. The annual meeting and election for board of directors is coming up for our club. Recent minutes from the board stated: "A motion was made to hire a professional parliamentarian to attend and advise the Board of Directors at our next club meeting. The motion was adopted." The election is expected to be contentious, and the current board wants to retain power. They disallowed voting from the membership at a special meeting, and many members are concerned that hiring a parliamentarian to "advise the Board" is intended to disempower the membership. Members intend to ask for the credentials of the parliamentarian ahead of time, but not sure if we will get the information. Questions: 1. What should we expect in having an outside parliamentarian attend our annual meeting and election? 2. What rights does the membership have to review the credentials of a parliamentarian hired with club money? 3. Is it permitted to have an outside advisor attend a closed meeting of the membership? 4. If the membership present feels that the advisor is biased toward the board, what recourse do we have? I would hope that having a parliamentarian present would be beneficial to all, but we are concerned about the motives of the current board. Thank you very much for your attention. Shannon
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