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Found 1 result

  1. I'm a new member of a condo board (secretary). Our president and the treasurer have been at odds since the first meeting. The president called a special board meeting at a very inconvenient time without mentioning any topic. I asked him about the purpose of the meeting and he said "to take care of some housekeeping." I asked another member and was given the same runaround.The treasurer and I could not make the meeting for work and personal reasons. In the the special meeting the other 3 board members removed the treasurer and appointed a condo owner in his place. (By-laws say the board elects/replaces the officers, but is not specific about removal). The treasurer was never told of the specific offenses or given a chance to defend himself. It's obvious they had already talked about this and intentionally left 2 of the board members out of the conversation (while including a non-board member in the discussion; the new treasurer). From what I have read, a topic/reason should be included in the announcement of the special meeting. Any thoughts.
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