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Found 5 results

  1. Our legal counsel determined and told us that a certain bylaw item is now illegal according to Federal law. (It prohibits members from soliciting clients of other members). How do we expunge it? Do we need to pass a bylaw amendment to remove the offending item, or may we remove it by relying on legal counsel, and on the prohibition on having any bylaw that is not allowed by higher laws, or contradicts higher laws? Thank you. yoram
  2. We have a Mayor who is facing the grand jury tomorrow for possible felony charges. She is also facing an impeachment call from concerned citizens and if those two fail an recall vote later on in month. Last year the sitting council members (many changes from that board at the time to the current board) took the administration duties of operating the city from mayor to the city manager, or administration. Last months regular council meeting the item to return the administration dues to the mayor was on the agenda but after thought she asked they delay this until the next regular council meetin
  3. I would like to know the procedure to kill a motion that if passed and implimented would violate the existing bylaws. There would not be the option to amend the bylaws before the vote because the vote is being taken a at level that does not have the authority to change the bylaws.
  4. Guest

    executive coup

    our ED has convinced her appointed board members that she knows all and that the best way to improve our group is by replacing dissenting members with "her" droids, and they proposed a motion to suspend our annual elections till 2015. they made this unannounced motion at a lightly attended meeting planted with "her" people. I brought up at the next meeting that this was just an illegal bylaw change. can they make this or any similar motion without announcing it beforehand to the members. they refused to acknowledge and we'll check RONR. please help. thanks again to all. this forum is a blessin
  5. A motion was made to elect someone to a treasurer position in a meeting. After discussion, a motion was made that an officer of this same position couldn't serve in this position if their spouse was on the finance committee. Moderator said this was out of order and had to be done later. He said we had to move on with a vote on the person and address the concern later. Motion to vote secret ballot was denied. Person was voted in. Later in the meeting under new business, a motion was made that an officer of this same position couldn't serve in this position if their spouse was on a committee
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