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Found 4 results

  1. Our organization has bylaw which states that when the President finishes his or her term of office ( 2 years paid salary ) and either does not run again or is defeated in an election, he or she becomes the immediate past president which is a two year postion ( 2 years paid salary and voting rights on board ). Our current president chose not to run for President and therefore will become the immediate past president, however he chose to run for the position of trustee ( 2 years paid salary and voting rights on board ), he was elected as trustee at the election. In our organization you can only run for one position at election time, however immediate past president is not an 'elected position' , it is held by the last president. My question is, was the President under Roberts Rules permitted to run for the Office of trustee because our bylaws state the immediate past president has duties to perform for the President and must assume that position, and if so must he then be removed from the poition of trustee and the candidate with the next highest number of votes be elected to that position? If not then since he holds two positions does he vote twice and get paid for both positions? This issue is not addressed in our bylaws or the bylaws of the organization which we are subordinate to. Any help on this matter would be appreciated as I cannot find an answer.
  2. Our By-Laws state the following: The president's term lasts from January 1 thru December 31. The immediate past president serves on the Board (except where s/he resigns as president, is removed for good cause, or otherwise fails to complete a full term of office for other than health reasons). Mary is the president and Tom is the immediate past president. Mary resigns from office and Bob completes her term. Who is the immediate past president while Bob completes Mary's term? Bob is re-elected for a second term. Who is the immediate past president during Bob's second term? Can Bob be considered president and immediate past president?
  3. Immediate Past President, We had a VP who was elected one time, and over the next 3 years no one ran against him. The last 3 months before the end of this last year, the President went to management and the Vice President moved to President. Elections in December the VP ran for VP again and Lost. As he was never elected president, and only served for 3 months as a fill in President is he a IPP? In our Chapter by laws it states: Section 9. Immediate Past President: The Immediate Past President Shall: (a) Be a member of the Executive Board. (b) In the absence or disability of both the President and Vice President, possess the powers and perform the duties of the President. (c) Perform such duties as may be assigned by the President and/or the Executive Board. ****I also found this on our State association web site, however, this is Not in our chapter bylaws. Section 2. Executive Board : The elected officers designated in Section 1, plus the Immediate Past President, shall constitute the Executive Board of this Chapter. To be eligible, the Past President must have completed at least one full term in office as Chapter President.(Note: In the above language, the term means the person who most recently served as President, and no one else. If the above language is use and the Immediate Past President is no longer a member in good standing, the position remains vacant.)
  4. Guest


    Can the President serve two positions on the Executive Committee as President and immediate Past President?