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  1. In a meeting of the entire 115-member club (not a board meeting), is it appropriate for the president to tell the club members about something she told the board at a board meeting? To elaborate, our club voted to go ahead with a storage building project - the vote was announced in our monthly newsletter, a presentation was given by the committee charged with this project, showing the builder's proposal, and it was then voted on and passed by about 10 votes - there were 65 members present. This happened several months ago - the committee secured a pre-authorized loan and the builder had an architect start working on drawings - we have to have those to take to town meeting in order to request a building permit. A few weeks ago, the club president went to the board meeting and said she was going to resign if the project went forward because she didn't think it was a good idea. The board talked her out of that, but at the general club meeting last week, she told the members about what she said to the board ...about her threatening to quit if the project continued. One of her friends then got up and made a motion to rescind the building project. Now we have a vote on that coming up at the end of them month. In the mean time work is being done by the architect because it hasn't been cancelled yet and we're not sure it will be. I'm the treasurer of this board and am not comfortable with how this went down. I was under the impression that it's okay for the president to talk about their personal opinions with the board, but not in in front of the whole assembly - especially not in their role as president. She told me she can do this. I said that if she wanted to enter into any debate on it she had to step out of her role as president during this - she said I'm wrong. In her role as president and chair of the general meeting, should the president be bringing up her feelings about club matters? Thank you in advance, our board is divided on her actions.
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