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Found 2 results

  1. OUR organization holds lectures, seminars,meetings etc. In order to motivate members to show up and participate, we moved and resolved that members who do not attend a certain number of such events each year, will not be eligible to work for the organization and get paid. So far so good, but: The e.g. after '" no member may be employed (PAID) by the association in any capacity" enumerated: "(Officer, committee member, ..writing for the website" etc.)" Here is the problem: Our bylaws list the four officers, and describes their duties and compensation.. Does t
  2. We supposedly follow the Roberts Rule of Order for our Youth Baseball League. We recently had a meeting to vote on new members as the term was over. What happened next is this, once the President was voted in he opened it up to nominations for VP. Once both of those nominated accepted the nomination the president stood up and declared that if nomination A was voted in that he would step down as president, that he brought nomination B to the meeting and he felt that he should be the VP. Many abstained from voting due to his comments but nomination B was ultimately made VP. Question one - Is
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