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Found 4 results

  1. Information on November 2016 Election of Mayor Ozan,AR Hempstead County My info: Sharvanta White phone#8703310576 leewhite191@gmail.com
  2. Guest

    Work Sessions

    Is there something that says that Board Memebers can't come together and simply discuss topics and it's history? New Board Members appear every year so I, as President, schedule a work session when just Board Members can sit down and update new people about the developement. No voting, no directing, just getting new members up to speed. I typically have one every 5 months. It's not the right time during a Board Meeting to do this?
  3. Hello! I belong to an organization that is having a bit of drama just now. We have an upcoming meeting that has been billed as an "information meeting." Some people believe that no motions can be made, as it is just an informal meeting of the membership to discuss a controversial issue. Other people are planning to make a motion that will call for a Board member's resignation. The first group believes the second group will be out of order if it makes any motion at what has been deemed an information meeting. I can't find anything in RONR (10th edition) about "information meetings" so my hunch
  4. Hi, we recenlty had a meeting where we lost quorum towards the end and althoguh we had rearranged the agenda so that only items for information were left, ii don't know how to properly record these last items in our minutes. Normally, there is still a vote to receive the item for information and it is recorded as being carried or not. However, since there could not be any votes, are these items simply recorded as "received for information" and must they be brought to a subsequent meeting with quorum to be voted on (to be received)? You input is appreciated!
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