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Found 2 results

  1. Regarding the thread "Interim board members," by (initially) Guest Ken, begun I think yesterday and so far (and hopefully) ending today: I confess to having dropped the ball on minimizing confusion here on the world's premier Internet parliamentary forum, and I regret it. When, relatively early on, Ken said, "How about this .... ARTICLE ELEVEN -DUES ", I should have realized he was purely going on to some other subject, blithely abandoning the interim board members; so I should have aborted that, since we weren't done, by asking him to start another thread. Instead, I thought one thing somehow had to do with another, and awkwardly (with an attempt at humor) proceeded that way. As a result, there was some (commendably not a lot) confusion, discussing extending the dues having to do with the alleged interim board members. I could kick myself, if I weren't so old and emaciated and pudgy.
  2. I am te president of an organization. Our Vice President (we only have 1 VP) has resigned. Our bylaws require that the President can fill a vacancy by appointment with the approval of BOD. The bylaws does not address the naming of interim officers. I would like to name an interim VP. Must an interim VP have BOD approval.
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