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Found 3 results

  1. Regarding the thread "Interim board members," by (initially) Guest Ken, begun I think yesterday and so far (and hopefully) ending today: I confess to having dropped the ball on minimizing confusion here on the world's premier Internet parliamentary forum, and I regret it. When, relatively early on, Ken said, "How about this .... ARTICLE ELEVEN -DUES ", I should have realized he was purely going on to some other subject, blithely abandoning the interim board members; so I should have aborted that, since we weren't done, by asking him to start another thread. Instead, I thought one thing somehow had to do with another, and awkwardly (with an attempt at humor) proceeded that way. As a result, there was some (commendably not a lot) confusion, discussing extending the dues having to do with the alleged interim board members. I could kick myself, if I weren't so old and emaciated and pudgy.
  2. I am te president of an organization. Our Vice President (we only have 1 VP) has resigned. Our bylaws require that the President can fill a vacancy by appointment with the approval of BOD. The bylaws does not address the naming of interim officers. I would like to name an interim VP. Must an interim VP have BOD approval.
  3. Our board has an ASIE that allows meetings to be public "with the exception of necessary interim business conducted via any electronic means available." If that's the case and all members are on the elist, doesn't that constitute a meeting of the board? What would be the procedure for excluding a board member from the elist?
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