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Found 2 results

  1. With the growing rate of online meetings, both chat-based and audio-visual, I'm looking for updates or revisions to Robert's Rules which handle these new problems. Even with full video teleconferencing there are some pressing issues. Example problems: What should happen if a meeting attendee loses signal? What if that attendee is an officer or the Chair? Can the Chair mute audio from members, even for the purpose of improving the overall audio quality? When is a secondary line of communication, say, using a chat window, appropriate for teleconferencing? If the Chair
  2. have there been any changes caused by email and the internet? can business be transpired via email between board meetings? can we bring up new topics? or only discuss old business via email? how about email voting? quorums? can a membership be asked for a proxy vote via email using email address as a "signiture"
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