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Found 5 results

  1. I am treasurer of a women's organization with bylaws that some interpret differently. "Who" gets to decide how wording will be interpreted when there is a difference of opinion by a very small, but vocal minority of past officers? A proposed budget was tabled at a recent meeting in order to obtain clarifying info from me (the treasurer) who was out of the state. Now, less than 3 of 36 members want to have the 2018 year-long budget approved by email vote in a special meeting. The other members have not had any opportunity to weigh in or discuss the budget. Our by-laws state: "Special meetings may be conducted via email as long as the topic consists SOLELY of A spending issue." (My caps & bold) I maintain that passing a budget is NOT SOLELY A spending issue. It requires a motion, discussion and ultimatley acceptance of all income sources and projections, all line item expenses & projected reserves. After the budget was tabled, one of the vocal few decided to submit a budget with increases on 2 proposed budget line items, obviously projecting a (significantly) lesser ending balance year end. She (a past president and treasurer) maintains all this can be approved via a Special Email meeting. I'm saying "huh????" on so many levels! It was our president's first month in office and first meeting. Can you help sort this out?
  2. Guest

    "In accordance with"?

    Our club's bylaws say that membership applications will be processed "in accordance with these bylaws". The bylaws set forth a very concise process for review and voting on new member applicants by the BOARD only. Some members of the club want the entire membership at large to have the right to review pending membership applications and give feedback to the Board before the Board votes on an application. The Board has indicated that because of the "in accordance with" language in our bylaws, we can't stray from the exact membership process set forth in the bylaws by adding this "membership application review process" (wherein the whole membership gets the chance to review the applications and give feedback). Is this correct? Does the inclusion of the phrase "in accordance with these bylaws" restrict our club's ability to add other processes/checks/balances on the membership application review process, to the extent they're not expressly set forth in the bylaws? Do we have to amend the bylaws to allow for such member review, or can we do it in ADDITION to the process spelled out in the bylaws?
  3. Our by-laws state "... may review upon reasonable request all account books" Some understand this to mean all financial documents and others believe it to be the General Ledger, Balance Statement, Profit / Loss Statement only, not receipts, invoices, receipt books, bank statements and so on. When ammending our by-laws at the next AGM it is suggested that the new by-law read "all financial documents". Many are in favor of this others believe that if you have people reviewing "everything" then they are in fact performing an audit which must not be done by anyone arms length.
  4. Some general membership organizations give their Board the power to amend the bylaws. The general membership, the "society", is powerless in this respect. If an ambiguity (or other interpretation problem) is discovered in the bylaws, what body, Board or General Membership, has the authority to decide, via p. 588, what the "correct" interpretation is? If the society (general membership) does the deciding, is the Board properly obliged to follow suit and amend the bylaws to agree with the society's interpretation? Let us disregard any "moral responsibility" for the Board to do what the society wishes, or any concerns of board members getting re-elected to their positions if they don't do it.
  5. Our bylaws read "Quorum consists of a simple majority (half-plus-one) of the active Community Colleges in Region IX." I believe the parenthetical to be incorrect. Can we interpret majority as more than half or is the parenthetical binding? [RONR (11th ed.), p. 400; see also p. 66 of RONRIB.]
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