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Found 2 results

  1. I am on the BOD for my organization and we keep having an issue arise. Last board meeting it was voted with a unanimous nay. This past board meeting (three months after the other) it was voted with a 5-2 vote for yea. I am frustrated that once an issue has already been voted on that our Secretary can bring it up whenever things don't come out the way they want. Is there anything stating that after an issue has been voted on and decided upon, the same issue can or cannot be brought up again at the next meeting? And is there something saying that how often can it happen? Thank you!
  2. In the college organization that I am Chairman for, we have a special point of business at the beginning of our agenda for every Executive Board meeting, titled "Matters of Concernment." This section is meant to allow for any of the Board members to bring to light any issues within the Board (i.e. a member's excessive lateness, a member's dearth of communicated updates, etc) I understand that what should be recorded in the Minutes should be decisions, motions, votes, etc., and that discussions are not necessary. After further reading the FAQ page, I read that including discussed matters "is im
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