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Found 3 results

  1. The following administrative powers were (strangely) included in our 501c3's new/first Bylaws earlier this year. We are a public middle school PTO. Only the 5th/last of these seems reasonable to me. Policies -- Seek input and approval of school administration on all matters. Funding -- Fundraising efforts beyond dues must be approved by administration. Elections of Executive Committee -- Filling mid year vacancies requires administration approval. Special Meetings -- Administration may, on his/her own, call a special meeting. Treasurer Duties
  2. I am at a loss on where else to turn. Our community is having our annual election soon. In addition we are also voting on having a bylaw changed. Our legal team is telling us that the ballots will required to be notarized & witnessed because our governing documents state “the instrument signed by”. I have argued because the verbiage the instrument signed by means "an instrument (legal document) signed (signature) by the owners (homeowner) No where in our governing documents does it state notarized. Legal is stating this verbiage means ALL the homeowners need to have it witnessed / not
  3. We had a 3 person committee to handle the nominations on the night for nominations. They were to count take ballot nominations, ask people who were nominated if they would accept the office, then count who the nominees were. Then at next months meeting the nominees would be announced and a ballot vote would be taken to elect the officers. Unfortunately someone who was on the committee informed a person who is not on current board nor is an officer, but who wants to be/was nominated for President the nominations for each office. The current board had no knowledge of this or who was even nominat
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