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Found 2 results

  1. If the parlamentarian is a member of the organization for which s/he is serving in said capacity, is that individual permitted to introduce and discuss specific legislation or would this be considered a conflict of interest given the nature and role of the parlamentarian?
  2. Guest

    Is this bill killed?

    There was a bill that was presented last week and we were supposed to vote on it today. However, not enough senators were present to vote (less than 2/3). Consequently, the bill was unofficially "killed." Is it really killed? I'd like to also mention that the speaker pro temp was the only exec present. Both the president and speaker were absent and no official word that the bill was killed has been mentioned. Everyone sort of assumed it was killed due to the lack of numbers. Thus bill took my fellow senator years to write and he's currently studying abroad. I don't want to break the news to him, so I'd like to find some loophole (with evidence) if possible. Thanks!
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