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Found 5 results

  1. Hi. Does anyone have a reference in Robert's Rules of Order concerning the timely filing of an appeal to election results?
  2. Our Board of Directors usually has meetings every two months, but our bylaws allow mail votes without meeting. When if ever do such votes need to be recorded in meeting minutes?
  3. In RONR, if a Motion is made at the meeting to allow a standing committee the ability to propose a change to policy , with a specific date to be presented by (date is prior to the next meeting) to the House of Delegates, and then to be voted on by mail vote, is this in violation of RONR? Looking for some guidance. In a nutshell, the motion was made, with several changes needing to be reviewed for the motion to conform to policies in place. The motion was then amended to allow the Planning Committee to thoroughly review the proposal, submit to the President and Secretary by a specific date,
  4. I belong to a deliberative body of a non-profit, and we are considering amendments to our by-laws. One of the proposals states that the definition of "mail" shall be as defined by the latest edition of Robert's Rules of Order. However, my online searches for RROR's definition of "mail" have been fruitless. Does RROR define "mail?"
  5. The organization's bylaws allow for vote by mail elections, and RONR is followed. I know that the vote tallies have to be entered into the minutes. I looked in the 11th Ed of RONR and did not locate answers to the following questions: What is the proper method for announcing the results to the membership? Should it be by mail as the voting was conducted that way? Should the actual tallies be reported or just who was elected to what office? Thanks, Brad
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