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Found 4 results

  1. If in some hypothetical organization's bylaws, a Board meeting can be called by the President or by majority vote of the Board, then wouldn't that mean that the Board could only call a meeting at an actual meeting (since there would be no other place they could technically vote)? Louise
  2. I am a member of a non-profit guild. We have by-laws and the by-laws refer us to Robert's Rules of Order as our reference for the way we conduct our meetings. Recently, the president of the guild stated that she would like to make a "policy and procedure" manual with the following rule: "If the guild is voting on something that costs over 250.00, we will have to wait one month before we can vote on the motion." We have always moved, discussed and then voted in the past, but she has not been happy with the way we are spending money and wants to control this part of our meeting. I feel that she is out of line. Since we follow Robert's Rules, although few people really know the correct procedures, does she even have the right to propose a second rule book for the guild? What is our recourse?
  3. If your by-laws allow for a Special Meeting of the membership to be called by either the President or the Board of Directors, and the President is reluctant to call such a meeting, can it be inferred (assuming there is no other verbiage present) that only a majority vote of the Board of Directors would be sufficient to allow this action?
  4. Guest

    3/4 majority vote

    to elect a president our orgination must have an 80% memership present a fir quorum and be elected with 3/4 majority. Is the 3/4 of the quorum present, or of the toal membership of the organization?
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