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Found 21 results

  1. Hi, I work for a federal government department. We are in one portfolio and recently started a project that is being managed by another portfolio. The other portfolio hired a new project manager for the project and I had a phone conversation with him yesterday to discuss project deliverables, timelines, etc. We're all working from home and because it's difficult to share information amongst ourselves, I typed out the minutes of the meeting because I was planning to disseminate them to the project team members in my portfolio. I typed out the minutes because members of my team asked m
  2. If a previous meeting's Executive Session's minutes are voted on and approved in the Open Session of the current meeting, do those Executive Session minutes now become record for the open minutes for that meeting? Meaning June's ES minutes are approved in July's Open Session. If they do become part of July's OS record, how should they be recorded?
  3. After being a minute-taker for various organizations for many years, I've been working as volunteer secretary for the past four years for a NPO society in Canada. After the AGM's, I always prepare and circulate minutes with attachments (financial reports, president's and director's reports). Admittedly, this makes the document lengthy--sometimes 20 pages or so, depending upon the number of reports, although the minutes themselves are usually only three or four pages. Recently, I've been told that this is incorrect and that AGM minutes (1) should not include any documents and (2) should not
  4. Is there a proper protocol for what information is put into an organizations minutes. The secretary of the association is putting in a medium amount of detail into the minutes regarding what is being discussed during our open board meetings. There are board members who think there should be very minimal amount of detail in the minutes due to them being a public document and concern that a competing organization will access our minutes to try and get detail on what we are working on (there is a history of this). However, there is also concern that we have transparency for our members. What
  5. Guest

    Meeting Minutes

    I serve on the board of a 501(c)(7) organization. The organization holds monthly board and general membership meetings at which minutes are taken. Our current president recently instituted a rule that causes me some concern. The new rule requires that all draft meeting minutes must be reviewed and approved by the current president before they are published in our monthly newsletter. The president receives the drafts from the club secretary, makes any substantive or stylistic changes she deems necessary, and then forwards the minutes directly to the newsletter editor for publication with
  6. What if a meeting occurred and minutes were recorded by the council Secretary, but once complete were distributed via email to only our church Secretary. Then the president called the secretary of the council on the phone and compelled her to revise the minutes and send a revised set of minutes without any indication to any member of the council they were revised in the updated unofficial minutes to the church Secretary. This was all done before any scheduled council meeting and was done without the knowledge of any of the other council members. Does this violate Robert's Rul
  7. If nothing specific in the Bylaws, does Roberts Rules provide that members of a non-profit organization should be timely provided Minutes of Meetings of the Membership (such as an AGM)? as well as Minutes of Board Meetings? upon specific request of a member?
  8. If nothing specific in the Bylaws, does Roberts Rules provide that members of a non-profit organization should be timely provided Minutes of Meetings of the Membership (such as an AGM)? as well as Minutes of Board Meetings? upon specific request of a member?
  9. While reviewing a meeting minutes draft I noticed a mistake. The error was not in the minutes, it was in the information that was provided. That is, during the meeting someone reported a figure and the minutes reflect what was reported, but the report was incorrect. In a case like this, should the minutes be amended to show the correct information or should the minutes reflect what was actually reported and then the error addressed at the next meeting and noted in the next meeting's minutes that the previously reported information was incorrect? Thanks.
  10. I am curious how the below situation should appropriately be handled in meeting minutes: At a recent meeting run under RONR a motion was made, there was discussion, an amendment was proposed and there was discussion about whether or not to accept the amendment when the Chair declared that there being no objections the main motion as amended was adopted. There was an objection within less than one-second by one member to the use of unanimous consent as well as a call for the vote by another member. The Chair overruled the objections and declared the motion adopted. How is this handled in th
  11. Esteemed Parliamentarians... Thank you for your previous assistance. I am back with 2 more questions regarding minutes. The Secretary of our HOA resigned. I volunteered to write minutes and "signed" them as "Scribe:". 1. I published the unapproved minutes as DRAFT (clearly identified in RED) in our local HOA monthly newsletter. I believed I could publish DRAFT minutes as long as they were clearly identified as such. I am unable to find the citation in RONR. Was I incorrect in doing so? If not, please help me with a citation. 2. A board member asked me to include a motion from an Executi
  12. Guest

    Rogue Secretary

    hello, my name is Patricia and i belong to a modest club as a board member. I have a couple questions regarding secretary duties, ethics and roberts rules. Our newly appointed club secretary has recently come into questions by a couple board members regarding procedures, notice of meeting as well as revision of previously approved minutes, The questions i will list below. Board meeting notice our bylaws state that a "Notice of each meeting shall be sent by the Secretary to each Board member at least ten (10) days prior to the date of the meeting, unless heretofore agreed to by all Boa
  13. For 28 years, our Township has included public comments in the meeting minutes Our Clerk has decided to omit them, as you would guess many are critical of the current Board's policy. She will get a majority supporting her. Can one person insist on an amendment to the meeting minutes or one person with a second? A friend on the School Board told me yes, but I cannot locate the section in RR.
  14. On page 500, under committee procedure, it states that "a secretary may be chosen to keep a brief memorandum in the nature of minutes for the use of the committee." We have a small board and follow small board rules. Can you please explain what a "brief memorandum" would be in the minutes? Also, if each committee submits a monthly report is it necessary to do this step? Thanks you.
  15. I am a new secretary for an organization that follows Robert's Rules. Recently, there has been some discussion on changing the format of the meeting minutes in order to expand them. A few board members argue that we should be following Robert's Rules for small organization because we have less than 200 members. Others feel that we are large enough to adopt Robert's Rules for large organizations and that expanding them is acceptable. How do you determine when to use Robert's Rules for large or small organizations? According to Robert's Rules, could a statement such as "Board Member X disc
  16. Guest

    Hostile Board

    A little history to a complicated situation. sorry to be so wordy but there are several issued involved in this question. We've been dealing with this issue for a year now. Our board members (10 people on the board, 6 are elected positions,4 are regional delegates) are all long time experienced people that for years have run our non-profit in a completely satisfactory way. Then a year ago, a portion of the board (5elected members and 1 delegate) held secret meetings and voted to try and disband the organization. They wanted to give the membership only 20 days to make a decision. That was sh
  17. If a general membership meeting does not have motions or votes, is it necessary to keep meeting minutes? For example: Call to order Read/approve minutes Old business - none, no motions, no debates, no votes. New business - none, no motions, no debates. This is a nonprofit and most of the business is conducted by the Board. All that is usually brought to the membership is the approval of the budget and any changes to the by-laws. Thank you.
  18. Guest

    Voting on minutes

    Is it necessary to have a motion, second, and vote on meeting minutes?
  19. Guest

    Reporting on Reports

    Our committee and staff members submit written reports at our board meetings, which they read aloud and then submit to me to file (as a piece of paper) with the minutes. In the minutes, instead of re-writing the information, I refer to attachments of the minutes and state the title of the document. Do these reports need to be kept as separate documents with the minutes, or can the members report verbally, and then submit their report, typed, for me to submit as their report in the actual text of the minutes? Thanks!
  20. I am newly appointed to a HOA BOD. I have been an elected public official for 20 years in another state. My question is: If we have a quorum, pass a motion, and discuss our proposed budget for 2 hours do we need to take minutes? I'm guessing we do, but I'm not sure if HOA's follow the same guidelines as public office. Thanks for your help.
  21. Are meeting minutes required to be typed for a future 501c(3)? I have them written just not typed. We are going through the motions to become certified. Any help or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!
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