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Found 5 results

  1. The Executive Board of a local committee has a rather reluctant chairman who cancels any (Exec Board) meetings when anyone, other than himself, requests one. I cannot find any reference as to who may call a meeting anywhere in the committee's bylaws, its plan of organization or RROR. I'm hoping to cite a specific section in Robert's (if one exists) since I'm anticipating further pushback from the chairman. Thanks in advance. George
  2. When is someone considered to have attended a meeting? Our bylaws state that someone becomes an active member upon attending 3 consecutive meetings. Active members may vote in elections. The question has come up as to whether the third meeting can be the one at which the vote is taken. Stated differently, would someone be considered to have attended a meeting upon arrival at the meeting, and thereby be considered an active member at the time of arrival or would they be considered to have attended a meeting upon the completion of the meeting?
  3. Guest

    Time of meeting

    Stated meetings have started at 6 p.m. for several years. Now a member wants to change the meeting to 4 p.m. If the majority vote to change the meeting time, is it legal to do so if other member's work hours will prevent them from coming to the meetings?
  4. On the first session (and first meeting), resolutions were to be dealt with. Four were approved, one was postponed indefinitely, and seven were postponed until a certain committee was present. Does the next meeing (or session) start with the postponed seven resolutions, or do they start with the new agenda before the seven resolutions? Note, the charter is nearly completely devoid of meeting procedures.
  5. Should we be including an open discussion in our meeting without a motion out? I have yet to see a requirement for open business after new business, but a member of our organization is adamant we are wrong and it is required.
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