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  1. The Executive Board of a local committee has a rather reluctant chairman who cancels any (Exec Board) meetings when anyone, other than himself, requests one. I cannot find any reference as to who may call a meeting anywhere in the committee's bylaws, its plan of organization or RROR. I'm hoping to cite a specific section in Robert's (if one exists) since I'm anticipating further pushback from the chairman. Thanks in advance. George
  2. When is someone considered to have attended a meeting? Our bylaws state that someone becomes an active member upon attending 3 consecutive meetings. Active members may vote in elections. The question has come up as to whether the third meeting can be the one at which the vote is taken. Stated differently, would someone be considered to have attended a meeting upon arrival at the meeting, and thereby be considered an active member at the time of arrival or would they be considered to have attended a meeting upon the completion of the meeting?
  3. Guest

    Time of meeting

    Stated meetings have started at 6 p.m. for several years. Now a member wants to change the meeting to 4 p.m. If the majority vote to change the meeting time, is it legal to do so if other member's work hours will prevent them from coming to the meetings?
  4. On the first session (and first meeting), resolutions were to be dealt with. Four were approved, one was postponed indefinitely, and seven were postponed until a certain committee was present. Does the next meeing (or session) start with the postponed seven resolutions, or do they start with the new agenda before the seven resolutions? Note, the charter is nearly completely devoid of meeting procedures.
  5. Should we be including an open discussion in our meeting without a motion out? I have yet to see a requirement for open business after new business, but a member of our organization is adamant we are wrong and it is required.
  6. We are planning on holding our Annual Membership meeting soon. Can non members attend? Can non members discuss or make motions? I know they can not vote.
  7. We hold both our general meeting and board meeting on the same date. The board meeting directly following the general meeting. Our president was out of town on our last meeting date. She did not leave an agenda for either meeting. The vice president presided over the general meeting having put together an agenda with 2 other Board members. They also went ahead and had the board meeting without the knowledge of the president. They created an agenda and the president was not apprised of any of the topics for discussion. Are they allowed to do that? It seems wrong to me.
  8. We have a Mayor who is facing the grand jury tomorrow for possible felony charges. She is also facing an impeachment call from concerned citizens and if those two fail an recall vote later on in month. Last year the sitting council members (many changes from that board at the time to the current board) took the administration duties of operating the city from mayor to the city manager, or administration. Last months regular council meeting the item to return the administration dues to the mayor was on the agenda but after thought she asked they delay this until the next regular council meetin
  9. If an official meeting is held in conjunction with a larger event, can a member be counted as attending the meeting even though he or she is not within the physical area of the meeting but only in attendance at the larger event in the same building?
  10. can a item brought up at a meeting be voted on if members are not previously made aware of the subject.
  11. can a item brought up at a meeting be voted on if members are not previously made aware of the subject.
  12. At an All Member Meeting can the membership select a chair to preside over the meeting ? In the past it has been the President but there has been debate that it does not have to be; since the meeting is the memberships and not a board of directors meeting.
  13. We are a small condominium association with a very small board, 3 board members. The Bylaws provide that special meetings of the members may be called by the President, Vice-President or a majority of the board, and must be called by the association upon receipt of written request by 20% of the voting interests. The Bylaws provide for no time limitation upon which the board must call the meeting. The Bylaws also specifically reference RONR as the parliamentary procedures to be followed. Florida Statutes 718.112(2)©1 states in part: "If 20 percent of the voting interests petition the boar
  14. On a non-profit board, if a quorum of committee members meets outside of regularly scheduled meetings to work together in general on a project so that it can later be reviewed and discussed at a regularly scheduled committee meeting, is their non-scheduled working meeting considered an official meeting of the committee (e.g., requires standard meeting practices such as minutes be taken) because a quorum is present? It may be of value to note that the full committee suggested/requested during a regularly scheduled meeting that they should hold the working meeting in the interim between full com
  15. Under Roberts Rules do the board members count towards the quorum for a general membership meeting? Our bylaws do not specify this.
  16. I was absent from our last two meetings. When I read the reports I saw that in the November meeting the Council tabled a motion to create education programs. The next month, I read that the Council simply passed the educational programs, there was no mention that the motion was taken off the table. Can I before the minutes are approved in January, point out that the educational program was passed incorrectly and that the motion was first tabled and that it needed to be taken off the table, then voted upon. Since it was not voted upon correctly, the actions of the Council in December, are null
  17. I'd be interested in having the assistance of a parliamentarian to assist with some upcoming meetings. We are just learning about Roberts Rules and will be asking the membership to approve newly revised bylaws. I would like to know we are treading the path correctly and think someone with experience would be a help. Is there an organization or resource I could go to in searching for this service in our area? I must not know where to look, because even tho I leave in a state capital where you'd think there would be lots of need, I sure couldn't find anything like what I was looking for.
  18. I am a new board secretary for a small non-profit organization. I am having a difficult time with the contents of minutes. It appears that the only items I put in the Unfinished Business and New Business sections are items that actually had a motion made and voted on. What happens to topics in which an individual took or was given responsibility to follow up on or action items that were assigned. Here are a few of examples which came up in a recent meeting: Our building received a fire violation and the Director of Properties said he would contact the inspector. I discovered a local
  19. I am relatively new Robert's Rules but have done quite a bit of reading over the past several months. This is my first post and it is with great hope and appreciation that someone out there can help me with my problem. I am an elected Board member of a local high school football association. Our games are assigned by our Assignor who is also a working official. Our Bylaws state that all game assignments are to be reviewed by the Assignment Committee especially those games that the Assignor assigns to himself. I was asked by the Assignment/Assignor Review Committee Chair to help with this
  20. I am on the board of a non-profit organization. The board has limited power and, according to by-laws, must get permission for various expenditures, as well as elections and by-law changes from the general membership. The quorum required for the general (annual) meeting is 40 (according to by-laws). The total membership is approximately 200. We have tried to have an annual meeting 4 times and have not received a quorum. What can be done properly to move business onward, expecially elections and quorum change.
  21. Hi, how much notice to you need to give to call a board of directors meeting? I was notified with less than 24 hours notice that a meeting was being called, plus the meeting was being held on a legal holiday. Is this legal?
  22. Our board has an ASIE that allows meetings to be public "with the exception of necessary interim business conducted via any electronic means available." If that's the case and all members are on the elist, doesn't that constitute a meeting of the board? What would be the procedure for excluding a board member from the elist?
  23. Guest

    Call to the Meeting

    Is the term "call to the meeting" as mentioned many times in RONR 11th edition considered the agenda?
  24. Guest

    Types of adjournment

    Could you explain the different ways in which adjournment can be used in a meeting? I'm trying to understand the difference between an adjournment that concludes a meeting, and an adjournment that temporarily stalls a meeting (i.e. the business of that meeting will be continued where it left off at the next meeting). See: http://www.davis-sti...x#axzz31pEdM2jP
  25. According to Robert's Rules of Order, what is the difference between adjourning a meeting vs. terminating a meeting?
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