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Found 15 results

  1. The Executive Board of a local committee has a rather reluctant chairman who cancels any (Exec Board) meetings when anyone, other than himself, requests one. I cannot find any reference as to who may call a meeting anywhere in the committee's bylaws, its plan of organization or RROR. I'm hoping to cite a specific section in Robert's (if one exists) since I'm anticipating further pushback from the chairman. Thanks in advance. George
  2. Can a motion be made to lay aside(or the words that people think are table but is different as in the FAQ) an agenda item before the meeting commences by email which is allowed via bylaws? 2 members are going to be absent unexpectedly want to be a part of the discussion and vote so want the discussion not to happen at that mtg.
  3. Guest

    Meeting minutes

    Please can you tell me if Roberts Rules, 11th edition says anything about how meeting minutes should be typed? I know that withdrawn motions should not be included but how about the format of the minutes? We have a secretary who does it differently after every meeting and things that's just fine. It makes it difficult to read, especially when she center's everything on the page.
  4. If there is nothing in the Terms of Reference for a meeting about it allowing Spectator/Non-Speaking access, is it up to the Chairperson to rule on the request for someone to attend ?
  5. If an organization's by-laws say it has to meet "X" number of times per year and a majority of the organization desires to cancel its last meeting for the year despite the fact that it will then fail to hold the requisite number of regular meetings, can a member of the minority compel the organization to hold the meeting? If so, how does a person go about compelling the organization to hold the meeting? Given that the Chairman of the Organization is one of the persons seeking to cancel the meeting, it's unlikely an appeal the the Chairman would be fruitful. Would the minority member basical
  6. I'm a new member of a condo board (secretary). Our president and the treasurer have been at odds since the first meeting. The president called a special board meeting at a very inconvenient time without mentioning any topic. I asked him about the purpose of the meeting and he said "to take care of some housekeeping." I asked another member and was given the same runaround.The treasurer and I could not make the meeting for work and personal reasons. In the the special meeting the other 3 board members removed the treasurer and appointed a condo owner in his place. (By-laws say the board el
  7. My high school held a meeting for National Honor Society but did not inform all the members of this meeting. There were no school announcements of the meeting. Membvers only knew about it from word-of-mouth and text messaging. I, among other members, did not attend the meeting because I didn't know about it. I never got a text message. I'm upset because they decided to hold elections for officers at that meeting. Is it okay that they held an election without all members present? I asked ou advisor for a re-election and she told me I would have to ask the other members at the next meeting about
  8. I had a question about how to use electronic communication. For example, can an organization post their annual meeting to the website rather than printing and sending to each member? Can a vote take place through email communication? Are there any rules which particularly discuss the use of electronic media in organization parlimentary procedure?
  9. I am the newly appointed President of a Ladies Club covering 700+ homes. The prior Board (executive board and standing committee chairs) conducted their last Board meeting just prior to the end of their term. In those minutes this Board has mandated that the Club from now on shall 1) only hold meetings in a certain location; 2) that all 50/50 proceeds be given to a certain charity; and 3) that the annual kick-off meeting only be a social event with no business discussed. These minutes are recorded and have been distributed to members of the prior Board. A courtesy copy was presented to me so
  10. Our Condo Board of Managers meets monthly. The meeting is attended by all board members and also the Board's attorney. The attorney occasionally speaks on issues, legal and non-legal. She does not have voting rights. The by-laws do not specifically provide that the attorney has a right to be there and we have never voted on the matter. I am wondering if RONR provides limitations on this attorney to speak at the meeting. Have we waived any right to exclude or prevent the attorney from speaking? Could they be classified as an Ex Officio member since they are technically appointed by the b
  11. Our organization holds General Meetings twice-yearly with mandatory attendance by all members. Our most recently-scheduled meeting was cancelled because the minutes of the previous General Meeting had gone missing and the membership would not approve the agenda. They voted instead for adjournment. Could this meeting have gone forward without approval of the previous minutes? Many of us think it could have, as there was a lot of business to cover. What if those minutes are never found? We still need to have this meeting!
  12. Guest

    Executive Session

    Are members of a board of a club who participate in an executive session meeting held to a standard regarding the confidentiality of the discussion in executive session? If a board member reveals to an outside party details of a discussion held in executive session, what remedies are available to the board/organization?
  13. Hey all, A quick, and perhaps debatable etiquette question. If a meeting is held without a quorum, does it qualify as a meeting? Any help would be appreciated! Sincerely, Mike
  14. Guest

    Order of meetings

    Is it possible to cover new business before old business? We have one topic of new and our old business will take a lengthy discussion followed by a vote. Is there anyway to revise the order of meeting just for tonight?
  15. A Superintendant is "sneaking" her way onto separate Elementary & Middle School PTO mtgs to propose year-round school calendar and/or modified calendar that will effect the entire school district. The mtgs are typically filled with pto board members only. When the Superintendant is questioned on how the public and/or school dristrict was notified about the special agenda item for the meeting, while present at said meeting. The response is none. The same response comes from members of the PTO. Is it ok, to not give notice to the public of such a meetings? The Superintendant has never be
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