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Found 10 results

  1. Can the chairman cut off a member if the chairman deems the comments being made as to aggressive towards another member? Can a chairman limit the scope of public comment to the only candidate being considered for radification for a position?
  2. Guest

    Work Sessions

    Is there something that says that Board Memebers can't come together and simply discuss topics and it's history? New Board Members appear every year so I, as President, schedule a work session when just Board Members can sit down and update new people about the developement. No voting, no directing, just getting new members up to speed. I typically have one every 5 months. It's not the right time during a Board Meeting to do this?
  3. Guest

    General Discussion

    Can a meeting be adjourned as soon as it is convened?
  4. Can or organization vote to waive the formalities of posting of the colors so as to allow alcohol to be consumed during meetings and the meetings, to include elections, still be considered valid??
  5. After a board meeting can the chair provide motions and parts of unapproved minutes to the membership?
  6. Hello! I'm curious how the open meeting laws (of New York State) work when applied to meetings of the Executive board of an organization and the President's cabinet meetings. I'll explain each further below. Executive board meetings are meetings of the President, VP, Comptroller, Chief Justice, Speaker of the Assembly, Chair of Elections, and the organization's advisor. These individuals meet on a weekly basis. Presidential Cabinet meetings are meetings in which the advisors to various departments meet weekly with the President of the Association to update him on their progress. Lately the
  7. Guest

    Withholding names

    If in a board meeting, a board member states a motion or suggests something, can his name be noted in the minutes of the meeting?
  8. Guest

    Special Meetings??

    Our community club has special meetings every month. They are advertised on our Bulletin board as open meetings to the members. In our bylaws we have only one membership and Directors meetings per year. Can we make motions and comment at these special meetings? Making a special meeting of the members like we are allowed to do could take some time and we have some emergency issues that need to be addressed that are not being taken care of by our directors that are at these monthly meetings. Thanks
  9. We are meeting to change by-laws. One of by-laws calls for: "The regular meetings of the members shall be held at a location to be designated by the President the first Monday of each month" He wants to change it to read: "The regular meetings...shall be held at a public location and time designated by the president" Does that sound fishy? Also.. "Regular meeting of the board shall be held the third Monday of each month, and at such times that the Board may determine" He wants to change it to read" Regular meetings of the Board shall be called by the President to be held at a public location a
  10. Guest

    BOD meetings

    Can any member in good standing sit in on a general BOD meeting ??
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