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Found 29 results

  1. Is it proper and is it really allowed to cancel a scheduled board meeting 2 days before the board meeting because 3 people cannot attend, even though more than needed for a quorum can attend?
  2. Guest


    Is it possible to re-open a meeting, once it has been adjourned, or should a new meeting be opened?
  3. Guest

    Board Meetings

    Can individuals who hold membership in an organization, but are not Executive Board Members, attend Executive Board Meeting? The association's by laws are silent on the subject Please cite the section of Roberts Rules on which you base our response. Thank you.
  4. A regular city council meeting got cancelled. Does RONR say anything about re-scheduling? Our city council will not have a meeting this month!
  5. I belong to a Dog Breed Club and the Board of Directors will not let the membership make motions at our annual meetings or by ballot voting. They go as far as to not let anyone know at annual meeting if there is a quorum present. What can be done ? We operate under Robert's Rules, it is stated in our Bylaws.
  6. Guest


    if a special meeting is called for board members and directors and a outsider attends the meeting and expresses opinions is this a legal meeting or legal
  7. During the Annual Meeting of our Condo Association, the President distributed a letter about an owner. He had the Vice President read the letter out loud to all in attendance. I assumed the reason the Vice President read the letter out loud during the meeting was to make it a matter of record. The letter contained many false statements about the owner. When the minutes of the Annual meeting were published, there was no mention of the letter or that it had been read during the meeting. Can the Board Secretary deliberately omit the letter and the actions of the Board from the minutes? Before the minutes are approved by the membership, can a motion be made to correct the minutes. If so, how does the owner word the motion to add the missing letter? Many thanks. Nancy
  8. Seeker


    Hello, I am confused and do not know where to find the rules or if it is even in the rules. I am currently the vice president of my student government association and the president is not allowed to vote unless it's a tied. Since the president of my association will not be able to attend a few meetings and leaves me to be the chair/facilitator do i lose my voting rights?
  9. Guest

    Board Meetings

    Our current President of our quilting guild has been having Board meetings unannounced and impromptu on the fly on days that the meetings are not scheduled. She just rounds up the Board members who might be in attendance at a social gathering takes them aside and has them make decisions. As a member of the Board, the last time this happened, I was not noticed, invited or even given an opportunity to vote by email that there was a need for a Board decision. Our By Laws say that email votes can be taken. She then comes to the next membership meeting and announces the changes that were made at a social gathering that three members attended. This past Saturday, she tried to do the same thing and fortunately, someone suggested to her that she wait for her scheduled Board meeting this coming Thursday. The last time she did this, there were no minutes taken, no secretary at the meeting to take minutes and she said, well, we just got together and talked about and decided this is what we will do. The whole Board was not invited or noticed about the decision. Can she do this? Shouldn't she have called for an emergency meeting of the Board? Shouldn't minutes have been taken of the meeting and the decision?
  10. Our President has taken a "my way or the highway" attitude and our even numbered Board has come to a tie vote on matters with no resolution. Now the President is refusing to answer emails or questions. The VP has taken the idea that we just have to wait for the President to come around and have a meeting. Our bylaws suck and don't stipulate timed meetings (don't even go there, I've already been here saying how much they suck). In quotes below is the entirety of what our bylaws say about meetings. "The meetings of this Club shall be held on a date set aside by the members in attendance at the prior meeting at a location decided upon by the Officers/Board per each meeting primarily at XX location but this may vary for convenience sake such as local shows and other events. In addition, this may be changed per an electronic vote if the date unforeseeably has a conflict. The board meetings will be held quarterly on a date set aside at the previous board meeting and board members may attend by electronic means." Although not official in our bylaws, we have been trying to follow RONR procedure. My question is, if the President continues to want to ignore the business at hand, the VP and the Secretary want to just wait it out. Can any other board member direct the Secretary to announce a meeting? If RONR covers this I'm going to be extremely grateful. Thanks!
  11. Can a non-profit hold their Board meetings without members setting in?
  12. Guest

    Motion & Votes

    I recently brought up a motion at are regular membership meeting. The motion was discussed and voted on, it passed pending the submission of a certain document. I submitted the necessary document to our President a few days before our Executive Board meeting where I was under the impression that the motion was explained the Executive Board would vote on the motion and the matter would be done with. At the Executive Board meeting I was told that since it was originally brought up at the membership meeting that it would have to go back before them to be voted on again. I don't believe that this is the proper procedure under Roberts Rules of Order. Would appreciate any information that anyone could give me or direct me to the section in Roberts Rules that I can print out so that I can actually find out if I'm right or if our President is right. You can contact me direct at Coastie55@aol.com Thanks Bob
  13. I've always been under the impression that if a procedural mistake is made during a meeting but no one objects at the time, the result is still considered valid, even if the mistake is discovered after the meeting is over. Is this true, or would the item need to be revisited somehow at a subsequent meeting? A specific example would be if at the beginning of a meeting the chair was informed by the credentials committee that there was a quorum present, but after the meeting it was challenged that some of the delegates had been counted incorrectly (perhaps they did not have the proper proxy form) and that there really had not been a quorum present. If it was found (again, after the meeting) that the challenge had merit, would this invalidate the business conducted at the meeting? If so, what recourse does the chair have to ratify the business?
  14. Our HOA is having the annual meeting and sent out the required meeting notice with a proxy form, a ballot form, bios of all candidates who wanted to be on the nominee slate for the open BOD positions. Several weeks after the forms were sent out, 3 nominees rescinded their names for 3 of the 4 open the positions. Subsequently, 1 of those individuals changed their mind and said 'put me back on the nominee slate'. To complicate the scenario, a small group of members within the HOA have filed a lawsuit against the HOA members/BOD. One (of many) points of contention within the HOA has been the use of proxies and ballots for voting. It seems likely the 'nominee confusion' is an attempt to have nominations from the floor occur. The small group of disgruntled HOA members do not like the current board members, nor the current by-laws, nor many aspects of Roberts Rules of Order, nor several sections of NC Statutes and Codes - 47F North Carolina Planned Community Act. It's been a very contentious few years and the lawsuit is not resolved. The question is, how can any of the submitted proxy and/or ballot forms be used if the candidates to be considered for the open BOD positions have changed so frequently? Any suggestions?
  15. Guest

    Meetings Not In-Person

    Our Bylaws do not allow for meetings by any means other than in-person. May a committee meet and do business by email or phone under these bylaws?
  16. RONR does not allow electronic or telephonic meetings without it being clearly stated in the bylaws. From what I have read RONR does not speak to electronic session, therefore as electronic sessions allowable since RONR does not specifically mention it? Is traditional ever a factor in RONR? For example, if telephonic meetings have been conducted for many years with no objection by was not authorized via the bylaws can they still be done after an objection? Since these meetings were not allowed in the bylaws does that nullify the meetings including the votes?
  17. In a private organization, if an officer has had, by proper action of the membership, his privileges to enter the organization property suspended for a specific period of time, but he has not been removed from office, is he still entitled to attend board meetings?
  18. If the meeting agenda has been approved at the start of a meeting and during discussion of one of the meeting topics, a member wishes to make a motion, is it a valid motion and if passed is implemented?
  19. Guest

    Site of Meetings

    Who has the ultimate power to decide on the location of a meeting? In our organization, the President called for a meeting of the Executive Committee to be at "Site A." Can the membership somehow say, "No, we're going to meet at "Site B." The organization bylaws are silent.
  20. Can the chairman cut off a member if the chairman deems the comments being made as to aggressive towards another member? Can a chairman limit the scope of public comment to the only candidate being considered for radification for a position?
  21. Guest

    Work Sessions

    Is there something that says that Board Memebers can't come together and simply discuss topics and it's history? New Board Members appear every year so I, as President, schedule a work session when just Board Members can sit down and update new people about the developement. No voting, no directing, just getting new members up to speed. I typically have one every 5 months. It's not the right time during a Board Meeting to do this?
  22. Guest

    General Discussion

    Can a meeting be adjourned as soon as it is convened?
  23. Can or organization vote to waive the formalities of posting of the colors so as to allow alcohol to be consumed during meetings and the meetings, to include elections, still be considered valid??
  24. After a board meeting can the chair provide motions and parts of unapproved minutes to the membership?
  25. Hello! I'm curious how the open meeting laws (of New York State) work when applied to meetings of the Executive board of an organization and the President's cabinet meetings. I'll explain each further below. Executive board meetings are meetings of the President, VP, Comptroller, Chief Justice, Speaker of the Assembly, Chair of Elections, and the organization's advisor. These individuals meet on a weekly basis. Presidential Cabinet meetings are meetings in which the advisors to various departments meet weekly with the President of the Association to update him on their progress. Lately the impressions coming out of these meetings is extremely questionable and when the Representatives of this Association as what was discussed, we receive a response of "that information is confidential". There is nothing in our bylaws about meeting minutes, however, I was curious if RONR made mention of any that could relate to this issue. Thanks for your help!
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