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Found 8 results

  1. If the bylaws are silent on the matter, must a Committee Chair notify the President of meeting dates and times. The President does not plan to attend the meetings but wants to be notified as a courtesy, and to know that their work is progressing?
  2. Is it proper and is it really allowed to cancel a scheduled board meeting 2 days before the board meeting because 3 people cannot attend, even though more than needed for a quorum can attend?
  3. Guest


    Is it possible to re-open a meeting, once it has been adjourned, or should a new meeting be opened?
  4. Guest

    Board Meetings

    Can individuals who hold membership in an organization, but are not Executive Board Members, attend Executive Board Meeting? The association's by laws are silent on the subject Please cite the section of Roberts Rules on which you base our response. Thank you.
  5. A regular city council meeting got cancelled. Does RONR say anything about re-scheduling? Our city council will not have a meeting this month!
  6. I belong to a Dog Breed Club and the Board of Directors will not let the membership make motions at our annual meetings or by ballot voting. They go as far as to not let anyone know at annual meeting if there is a quorum present. What can be done ? We operate under Robert's Rules, it is stated in our Bylaws.
  7. Guest


    if a special meeting is called for board members and directors and a outsider attends the meeting and expresses opinions is this a legal meeting or legal
  8. During the Annual Meeting of our Condo Association, the President distributed a letter about an owner. He had the Vice President read the letter out loud to all in attendance. I assumed the reason the Vice President read the letter out loud during the meeting was to make it a matter of record. The letter contained many false statements about the owner. When the minutes of the Annual meeting were published, there was no mention of the letter or that it had been read during the meeting. Can the Board Secretary deliberately omit the letter and the actions of the Board from the minutes? Before the minutes are approved by the membership, can a motion be made to correct the minutes. If so, how does the owner word the motion to add the missing letter? Many thanks. Nancy
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