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Found 2 results

  1. In our club we allow for membership as an individual or an Entity. In this case an entity is usually a husband and wife. It could also be a business. The ByLaws say that an individual and entity only has "one Vote." In the past this was interpreted as there being a voting member and non-voting member of a husband and wife entity. Also, it was understood that only the voting member was eligible to run for office. We currently have a sitting board member (voting member - Past President) who's wife wants to run for office. Is she eligible to do that without getting her own membership give
  2. At a recent board meeting, our club president removed from the board meeting and censured the club secretary after repeated points of orders. The club president called for a penalty and made a motion of a 30 day suspension of the secretary. The vote passed 4 to 2. Now the president is stating that because of the 30 day suspension, the current secretary is removed from the position as well as any other position currently held. the president is also instructing the secretary to deliver all records of the club to himself. The president feels that the current club secretary can be removed fro
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