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Found 5 results

  1. Several years back, allegheny county (pa) enacted clean air laws for bars, restaurants and clubs. Certain establishments were eligible for exemption from this, however paperwork had to be filed with the county indicating intent. Our club members chose to remain smoking, the board voted and the paperwork was filed. The current board has decided to overturn this decision to the dismay of many regular members. Is this allowed? Can one board overturn another boards decision? One which will surely effect the club financially? Several members have already indicated they will not come down anymore and will be asking for a refund of their dues? The members have started a petition, to which some of the board said is illegal? Can this be right? Please...any help with this would be greatly appreciated!
  2. In our organization we vote in or budget to pay half of the registration for our members who are selected as delegates to our national conference. We would like to require delegates to make a report of the conference once they return. Our tresurer made the following motion last night and I wonder if we are amending the bylaws or just agreeing to follow a rule forever without it appearing in our bylaws. Here is her motion. "I make a motion that we not reimburse the expense of registration for members until the delegate submits their report from the National conference." How will we remember 10 years from now that we voted to accept this motion? Should this actual be an amendment to the bylaws? Thanks for your help in answering this question.
  3. Jim Anderson

    General Membership Meetings

    I am a member of a yacht club in Washington State and chair of our bylaws committee. Our club holds monthly club general dinner meetings (September through June). The meeting follows the dinner each month and we seldom have any business other than committee reports (social committees) as any club business reports from committees are presented to the Board at their monthly meetings. Typical exceptions to this in regard to our regular general meetings would be: Opening the meetingFlag and other opening ceremoniesApproval of previous meeting minutesIntroduction of prospective new or reinstated membersClosing the meetingThe occasional vote (other than May meeting) on minor club issues (typically no notice is given as most often, the issue is "spur of the moment"). It is understood that an example of "minor club issues" would not have implications where member rights would be violated or changes to rules would occurThe nominating committee (elected by the Board each January) is announced at the February general meetingAny bylaw proposed amendments are read typically at the April general meeting however this could happen at other times as well if amendments are to be presented to membership at other than the May general meeting (election meeting)We hold our election of officers in May at the general membership meeting each year (per our bylaws) and typically present proposed amendments to bylaws, if needed here as wellNewly elected officers are installed at the June general membership meeting The quorum to conduct business for general membership meetings is 25% which must include at least 2 of the 3 "Flag Officers" (Commodore, Vice Commodore and Rear Commodore) and at least one of the 5 Trustees. Our Board of Trustees is charged with governing the maintenance and operations of all club functions and activities. They meet one week after our general membership meetings each month (September through June). The Board conducts all business of the club except: Dues/Initiation fee increases and/or assessmentsBylaw changes/amendmentsClub donations in excess of a specified amountBestow "Honorary Life Membership" upon deserving membersElection of OfficersElection to fill vacancies (except for an immediate need - more than a couple of months before our regular elections in May)The above Board business exceptions must be ratified (with notice) by 2/3 vote of voting eligible members at a meeting where a quorum exists and 10 days prior notice is given. Question to the RONR Forum: Would it be appropriate for a motion to (at prior notice meeting) not conduct formal general membership meetings with minutes and only allow "social" committee reports? It is understood that any business listed in the "Board exception" list above requiring attention of the general membership would require a formal business meeting with prior notice. Regards, Jim Anderson
  4. Jim Anderson

    Bylaws and Suspend the Rules

    In my review of RONR, it is my understanding that it is never in order to suspend the rules in bylaws unless provisions for suspension are included for a particular rule or are clearly in the nature of a rule of order. I take this to mean that even a Board who has the authority for governing the maintenance and operations of the club in regard to functions and activities, cannot suspend the rules and make changes to our bylaws without due process of membership ratification. During a bylaws committee meeting, one of the members made a statement to an officer of the club that the Board had a right to suspend the rules and make summary changes to the bylaws and/or special rules if they felt the need to do so in order to fulfill their obligations in operations of the club. I disagreed with this statement however no real consensus was gained on the subject. My question then is, would the Board have this right even though our bylaws clearly state revisions to bylaws must be ratified by 2/3 vote of the membership at a general meeting? Thank you
  5. The following two questions relate to a twenty-four member executive board: 1. Is there a rule or guidance for a chair in permitting questions to be asked on reports given orally at a meeting? 2. If the chair stops questions in order to continue with the agenda, have the rights of members been denied?