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Found 5 results

  1. Is there any real definition of "member in good standing" in RONR? I have found areas that dance around using the phrase-like saying just because they are delinquent in dues does not necessarily affect their status of good standing. I have no clue on this, but to shorten my reason for asking I will attempt to give a short explanation as to why I ask. If a brand new person who is not yet a member, nor has been previously been a member, gets voted in as a full member at the meeting do they automatically get the status of in good standing? Can they be elected to office at the same meeting? There are other things at play here that directly go against the bylaws and policies concerning this, but what I am really curious if RONR states anything about what constitutes a member in good standing. Thanks! Mary
  2. Can you expel/kick out a dues paying member of a nonprofit organization? If so, how? Our bylaws and standing rules do not say anything in that regard. Our parent organization's bylaws only mention how to impeach an officer, which this person is not. Thanks in advance!
  3. Can an member start a committee without the boards approval?
  4. Hello, I have two questions. 1) What is the proper protocol for removing a board member that is not an officer. There are a few different reasons why. 1) the board member is not responding to emails 2) they are not following their duties, i.e. they are our publicity chair and not posting anything on social media or sending out emails for events. 3) They have an overall poor attitude towards the board and are constantly causing conflict because they do not care for the current board. How do we handle a situation like this and if we must vote them out what is the proper way to do that. 2) The previous board wanted to vote on bylaw changes at a general membership meeting. 1) They did not provide a copy of the bylaw changes for the membership, in fact they provided a copy on the website in a "members only" section that was only accessible with a password. Not only was there no email informing the members where to look on the website (i.e. members only section) but they were never provided with a password to access them. 2) The current bylaws were removed from the website 3 days prior to being voted on so there was at least 2 days where they were not accessible until someone complained. 3) They were not voted on properly by the membership according to current bylaws or Robert's Rules. 4) After the subsequent vote took place, the changes were never updated by the current board to the general membership. Based on this, the next years board voted that the bylaw changes were null and void based on being done so incredibly wrong. We want to make sure that the new board's vote to do this was the correct move. We felt that this wasn't even an instance of "repealing" bylaw changes because they were never actually changed. Any help would be greatly appreciated! VP
  5. I chair an organization and some of our members attend, as allowed in our bylaws, the Executive Board meetings. Can those members, who are not on the Executive Board, speak in debate or make presentations in those meetings?
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