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Found 3 results

  1. A club has 4 classes of membership, one being "inactive." The bylaws state that an inactive member does not pay dues, and may be in that status for a maximum of 2 consecutive years. After that time, they must resume active membership or submit a written resignation. While they are inactive, the right to vote is suspended. For some reason, the Nominating Committee has nominated an inactive member for Treasurer. The bylaws say the qualifications for Treasurer must have served on the Finance Committee for one year and have been a member in good standing for at least two years. RONR (12th ed., 1:13) provides that an assembly’s membership is limited to persons who are recorded on the rolls of the society as voting members and who are in good standing. RONR 1:13fn regarding good standing also states: 3. Members in good standing are those whose rights as members of the assembly are not under suspension as a consequence of disciplinary proceedings or by operation of some specific provision in the bylaws. A member may thus be in good standing even if in arrears in payment of dues (see 45:1, 56:19). If only some of an individual’s rights as a member of the assembly are under suspension (for example, the rights to make motions and speak in debate), other rights of assembly membership may still be exercised (for example, the rights to attend meetings and vote). Do you think an inactive member meets the qualifications to be a candidate for Treasurer? Why or why not?
  2. Our organization has 85 Active members. When voting to accept or reject applicants for membership, our Bylaws say: ."...Prior to the next meeting active members shall decide by secret ballot and by a majority vote whether to accept the applicant as a member." In a recent vote, the results were 41 YES, 34 NO. Did our Bylaws set the bar at 43? Should the applicant be accepted with the 41 YES votes? Thank you. Yoram
  3. Guest

    Board Meetings

    Can individuals who hold membership in an organization, but are not Executive Board Members, attend Executive Board Meeting? The association's by laws are silent on the subject Please cite the section of Roberts Rules on which you base our response. Thank you.
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