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Found 2 results

  1. I am President of a small non-profit dog club. Sometimes we have events at the club that make money, such as a trial (competition). The Board always approves the plan for the event, and then asks the membership to approve a BUILDING ISE REQUEST for the event. This occurs at a membership meeting. The request specifies the dates, times, and what the event is in the particular building. Now the question is — is the membership required to approve the event at a membership meeting? Our bylaws and constitution do not address this at all. Thank you.
  2. We had a motion to change the club by-laws, which was brought for a vote of the general membership at our annual meeting. The vote was conducted as a show of hands. The chairperson (club president) explained and spoke in favor of the amendment, and invited others to speak, for or against, and to ask questions. Several people did so. During the discussion, a point of order was raised questioning whether we had a quorum, and it was determined that we did. The chairperson voted, visibly, during the show of hands. The vote passed by a significant margin, and therefore the by-law change passe
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