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Found 3 results

  1. The board is highly contentious. Minutes that were approved by previous members included references to a Guest making threats towards several board members during a meeting. Since then the board’s membership has changed, and the new board wants to revisit those minutes and remove that section of the minutes. Is this allowed, and what sort of issues should we be looking out for?
  2. Hello, I am part of a non-profit in CA. After a General Meeting (100+ members), we previously posted our minutes online (so that members who could not attend could have immediate access to the important and time sensitive information). We are now trying to follow Robert's Rules more closely. Two questions: - Who approves these minutes? The President alone, or all of General membership at the next monthly meeting? - If we must wait until the following month for approval, should we avoid posting them online until they are approved? This would be a bummer. Thank you!!
  3. I'm the president of a non-profit board and chair at the general and executive board meetings. The secretary was absent. Minute Taker #1 left midway through the meeting. So I asked Minute Taker #2 to continue taking the minutes. After the meeting the minutes were gathered to be delivered to the Secretary. Before the next meeting, I asked Minute Takers #1 and #2 to coordinate with the Secretary to prepare the minutes for the next meeting. However, I got no response. Due to some tension that surfaced, I had an inkling the minutes would not be produced at the next meeting due to the unresponsiven
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