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Found 2 results

  1. Our commission read over a proposal for services. It stated the description of services, timetable and terms for payment. The commission approved payment and the work is complete. Minutes of that meeting read “Resolution to approve the market analysis proposal from XYZ Group, not to exceed $Xx,Xxx . . . “ My question is : shouldn’t the motion read “..approve the expenditure for the market analysis proposal ..”? Or did we approve funding, not just OK the proposal?
  2. Guest

    Meeting minutes

    Please can you tell me if Roberts Rules, 11th edition says anything about how meeting minutes should be typed? I know that withdrawn motions should not be included but how about the format of the minutes? We have a secretary who does it differently after every meeting and things that's just fine. It makes it difficult to read, especially when she center's everything on the page.
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