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  1. In a meeting I cited a passage from Robert’s Rules for Dummies (3rd Edition) which referenced Roberts Rules of Order (11th Edition) and I am trying to find the exact text in Robert’s Rules 11th Edition that is referenced but I haven’t been able to. The text I quoted from Robert’s Rules for Dummies is found on page 92, fifth paragraph and states “However, if someone rises and starts making comments in support or opposition (even without being recognized by the chair or without saying “Second”, the motion is considered seconded because another member has expressed interest in discussing the motion.” I am still looking for the text in the official Robert’s Rules of Order 11th Edition but I don’t know if it is a literal reference or paraphrasing but either way I want to find the passages that support my citation in the meeting in the official Robert’s Rules. If anyone has experience to help me find the pages containing the text I am searching for, I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance, ALDiablo PS, This is my first time using parliamentary procedure so I apologize if my request isn’t very polished.
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