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Found 3 results

  1. I have a question about meeting minutes and specifically, on recording the names of movers. Robert's Rules states: "The name of the maker of a main motion should be entered in the minutes, but the name of the seconder should not be entered unless ordered by the assembly." Is this rule intended to be permissive - meaning that, organizations may choose not to record the name of a mover within their minutes (e.g., because that's the way they've done this traditionally or they just choose not to, etc.).
  2. At the last Executive Session, the staff were asked to leave (including the regular minute taker). We were given hand written notes of what happened and the motion that was passed, however, no one can remember the mover and seconder. We normally include the mover and seconder on all our motions. Any suggestions? I've looked everywhere for some guidance.....
  3. Hello RR pros. Here's my two-part question: May an individual who introduces a motion (i.e., the mover) vote "no" once the motion goes to vote? Is there a specific provision within RR which discusses this (or is it merely permissible by way of not being disallowed)? Thank you in advance!
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