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Found 3 results

  1. In the election of a president of an organization, if there is more than one candidate, and despite silence in the organization's charter, the body proceeds to vote on the first nomination first, and the first nominee wins election, is that process legal? I am told that there is a section of RR which states that if votes have been taken in a certain way as a matter of custom, then that custom shall prevail. Is that a valid argument? The citing of chapter and verse would be appreciated.
  2. At a recent election cast by paper ballets, a candidate won election for President as a write-in and also won election running un-opposed for Vice President for which he was already on the ballet. Several questions need to be addressed, all dependent on which position the candidate accepts. Under Roberts Rules, the candidate can choose the position to which he wants to serve; President or Vice President. If he chooses the President position, when should the election for Vice President be held? Since there were no other candidates on the ballet for Vice President, should two (2) special meet
  3. Our association votes as one motion its slate of officers and the board of director positions for those officers. We would like to divide this into voting for the officers separately so that we can vote against the person running for president. How would we handle this if the slate is in one motion? Can we ask to divide the motion or do we vote the first motion down then change the motion? Would you please provide citations if convenient so we can use them at the meeting. Thanks!
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