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Found 6 results

  1. My board has a policy which states that our agenda must be followed, and that in order to change the agenda set by the chairman and executive member, there must be a unanimous vote of the board. This policy has been interpreted to mean that no motions of new business can be made without it being approved on the agenda. I contend that this is in violation of RONR. We follow "the most recent edition of Roberts Rules of Order". I cannot find anything specific in RONR which states that the purpose of New Business is to bring up new motions, whether they are specifically listed on the agenda or not. Please advise.
  2. Hello, I have a question regarding a motion that was made during our regularly scheduled business meeting. Our FD loosely follows Robert's Rules of Order during our meetings. We had a motion made to reject our fire chief's resignation at the end of our business meeting during the new business section of our agenda which had no list of items to discuss. There was a 2nd and a quick vote and adjournment. The next day without notice to the membership or another meeting the board stated that the motion couldn't be made during new business and cited Robert's Rules and that the chief's resignation stands with no further explanation. The new business portion of our meeting had no agenda. However, the meeting does have an agenda posted on a website that lists items to discuss and vote on. I thought that items brought up under new business could be discussed, but not voted on until the next regularly scheduled business meeting. Thank you for any input.
  3. Our church by-laws require that our business meetings be conducted with Robert's Rules of Order. However, the pastor has deleted "NEW BUSINESS" from the agenda. All new business items must be submitted to the pastor or to the board of deacons for consideration so that they can decide privately whether a motion should be brought to the floor during a regular church business meeting. Is this procedure proper under Robert's Rules of Order, or is it mandatory that if Robert's Rules of Order are to be followed, "NEW BUSINESS" must be part of the business meeting agenda?
  4. Hello, I am glad to have found this forum. I am a newly elected councilman in a small Illinois town. I am new to politics and parliamentary procedure. I have a question about new business and getting topics on the official agenda. I am having issues getting topics on our agenda. The city administrator continuously tells me to discuss it during "miscellaneous" business, but one of the topics is in reference to transparency and I want it listed as an agenda item that is posted publicly. How would a lowly Village Trustee (there is 6 of us) get something on an agenda? I have studied RO, but I am still unsure how I would introduce new business so that it appears on an agenda? I am roughly 6 months into my 4 year term. Thanks in advance,
  5. Guest

    New Business -

    When getting to the New Business section of the agenda, do additions to the agenda under New Business require a motion?
  6. We have been told that any motion requiring a vote MUST be done under new business such as accepting the minutes and financial report of the previous meeting. In the past our agenda was: 1. Call to order, salute the flag and prayer. 2. Acknowledge visitors. 3. Present minutes of the previous meeting and motion on the same. 4. Present financial report of the previous month and motion on the same. Now we have items 3 and 4 under new business. Is the way we were doing it in the past not correct according to Robert's Rules of Order? Thank you for any and all information. Dan
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