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Found 3 results

  1. Guest

    Approving minutes

    We are an international society which holds formal face-to-face meetings twice a year. Conference call meetings occur in between. New officers are elected every 2 years. Issue: January of 2018 produces new officers and new members of a particular assembly of the society. During their first meeting of 2018, they are to approve the minutes of the December 2017 face-to-face meeting, at which, none of the new officers attended. This scenario is true for all 20 of our society's assemblies. Question: Since it is unlikely the previous assembly members will have time/opportunity to approve their minutes from the December meeting, can we apply RONR p 355, lines 8-11: "It should be noted that a member's absence from the meeting for which minutes are being approved does not prevent the member from participating in their correction or approval"? Thanks for your help!
  2. Our organization has a membership meeting each June which is chaired by the current president and the membership elects new members to the board. Immediately after there is a board meeting, also chaired by the current president, at which the newly constituted board elects new officers. We have a tradition that immediately after the election, the old president passes the gavel to the newly elected president who chairs the rest of the board meeting and adjourns it when business is finished. Is this consistent with Robert's Rules of Order?
  3. Guest

    Induction of officers

    Are all officers inducted at annual meeting or just new ones?
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