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Found 3 results

  1. If discussion ensued before there was a call for a motion by the chair and no motion was made, can discussion continue at a subsequent meeting if placed in the agenda or is it a dead issue?
  2. There was a zoning case at city council for 2nd reading. The public hearing was closed prior to first reading action (affirmative) in a prior meeting. At second reading, council did not make a motion. Their claim is that by no motion being made that the application to rezone is dead. Don't they have to take action on a case in order to have proper disposition?
  3. Must all discussion be related to a motion? For example, a member was recognized. She asked why a prospect was not contacted by the president. The president explained his reasoning. Discussion ensued. The group seemed unanimous in their opinion that president should have contacted the prospect. He agreed that he should have done so, and said he would initiate contact. This occurred with no motion on the floor. Should the member raising the topic have presented it in the form of a motion, or could the rules have been suspended?
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