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Found 2 results

  1. An absentee ballot was sent to the membership for a vote on accepting applicants for memberhsip. The bylaws provide that “active members shall decide by secret ballot and by a majority vote whether to accept the applicant as a member. Those unable to attend may cast an absentee ballot by letter or FAX." "Whether"... The printed ballot had only a "YES" box to check . No alternative. No "NO" box. Q1: Is this allowed, or does it make the ballot invalid? Q2: The COO who created the ballot said that he omitted the NO box intentionally, so as to influence the outcome [and hoping to
  2. Hello RR pros. Here's my two-part question: May an individual who introduces a motion (i.e., the mover) vote "no" once the motion goes to vote? Is there a specific provision within RR which discusses this (or is it merely permissible by way of not being disallowed)? Thank you in advance!
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