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Found 4 results

  1. I have a question about the Nominating Committee: On page 433 of RONR, it states: "Members of the nominating committee are not barred from becoming nominees for office themselves. To make such a requirement would mean, first, that service on the nominating committee carried a penalty by depriving its members of one of their privileges; and second, that appointment or election to the nominating committee could be used to prevent a member from becoming a nominee. " My question is how would the appointment/election stop a person from being a candidate - I mean if being a member of the c
  2. Hello, our association will be electing a new board soon. Our by laws state that a nomination committee must be formed by June 1st and shall submit a slate of candidates for the positions of officers and directors by July 1st . No members of the current board can be on the nomination committee. No member of the nomination committee can be on the nominated on the slate of candidates submitted by the nomination committee but can be nominated by petition after the slate of candidates have been submitted by the nomination committee to the club secretary.. The nomination commit
  3. If our bylaws do not prevent it, does Roberts prevent the chair or any member of the nominations committee from including their name on the slate of officers being reported out of the committee for membership consideration?
  4. Can a sitting (limitless term) PTO exec officer whose name has been considered and purposefully not recommended by our PTO nomination committee as part of its recommended single slate of individuals for our next April election still nominate himself or have a PTO friend nominate him for consideration of same office during the part of our election meeting where we open nominations from the floor and thereby, as a result, be added to our ballot as a write in candidate? I can't seem to find this addressed in Robert's Rules ... Please help!?!
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