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Found 1 result

  1. Synopsis of problem Nomination Committee requires 3 members, only one of which can be on the board, but only 2 were nominated (one of which was a board member and chair). No need to address this, just some background). Second person on nominating committee was contacted once (total) by phone in which they were asked if they would serve on the committee asked if they knew of any candidates. Instead of in committee, candidates were discussed in board and decided there. 2nd person on nominating committee was not aware or informed. (No need to address this, background only) Committee chair submitted nominees slate and report with ineligible members without informing or approval of other committee member. Slate sent out to membership. Second person had no communication other than the first initial call until after the slate was sent to membership. 2nd member of nominating committee calls chair to state they do not agree with the slate because it has ineligible candidates and they did not approve the slate. The question is, is the report valid? Does the 2nd member have any recourse? I did find in RONR 51.2 that I believe addresses this point in that the report content has to be a majority vote within the committee. So having only 2 members on split sides would not constitute a majority. Are there any other areas in RONR that address this point? Or how to address resolutions within a committee? I understand there are various points of order in my synopsis, there is no need to address those as synopsis was given as background only to the questions I have. Thanks in advance for any answers and guidance! Best, Mary
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