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Found 6 results

  1. Robert's Rules state that a person (i.e. a Member of Council) can nominate themselves for an open officer position, but I see no mention of being able to actually vote for yourself. This seems to be a conflict of interest. Yes, even the President of the United States can cast a vote for him or herself for President when they are a regular citizen, however, there are only 4-7 officials voting during a Council meeting, so it seems unfair and unethical that a council member may not only nominate themselves, but also give themselves a vote that would (if they win) effectively give them more power and authority as Deputy Mayor, especially when the town mayor had resigned prematurely and so the Deputy Mayor immediately became the Acting Mayor with all the rights, privileges, and authority of an actual publicly-elected mayor, without the public electing them to office. The Local Government Ethics Law in NJ prohibits even the appearance of a conflict of interest, yet such a vote appears to represent a very direct and actual conflict of interest. When there are many millions of citizen voters voting for those seeking public office, this seems correct and fair. But elected officials voting to further elect themselves to higher office/more authority seems very unfair and unethical. So, is voting for oneself in accordance with Robert's Rules? If so, where exactly does it state that a person can vote for him or herself?
  2. May a member of an assembly move that an election be conducted by ballot if the bylaws do not specifically include this option? What wording should be used to move that elections be conducted one office at a time rather than conducting election for all offices with a single vote? If the number of nominees is less than the number of identical open positions, may the chair declare election by acclamation before proceeding to fill the remaining positions? If all other members have been given one or more opportunities to make a nomination, can a member nominate two or more individuals at the same time? (RONR 12th is the Parliamentary Authority)
  3. Background A slate of officers has already been presented to the general members this month. All those nominated accepted the nomination before being placed on the slate by the Nominating Committee. The election of officers will take place during next month's general meeting per bylaws. In the meantime, one of those on the slate has now removed their name for consideration BEFORE next month's the election. This person was the only one on the slate for that given officer position. What do we need to do to fill that position? 1) Open up nominations again during next month's meeting, allow additional names nominated from the floor, add those names to the slate, and then continue with the election for ALL positions at that time? 2) Reconvene the Nominating Committee to fill this position. Hold incomplete elections next month on the rest of the slate/nominations. Then at the same meeting present to the general membership the Nominating Committee's replacement nomination for the office position (nominee should agree beforehand), take any additional nominations from the floor, and then vote for this last position at the following month's general meeting? 3) Other?
  4. The bylaw states: c) When the slate has been approved by the Board, the Secretary shall mail the list, including the full name and address of each candidate to each member of the Club via the October Bulletin, but in no case later than by a mailing on or prior to October seventh (7th), so that additional nominations may be made by the members as described below in (d) if they so desire. The slate was e-mailed October 8th, one day late. The email is date stamped so there is no question that it was late. There are also candidates running from the floor by petition. There is no question that the petition candidates met their deadline as outlined by the bylaws as the petitions were overnighted and signed for plus a set of copies were hand delivered to the secretary. Here is the question: Because the board slate did not meet the deadline of October 7, does that mean the candidates running by petition should be automatically elected as the lateness of the board candidates invalidates their candidacy?
  5. Can a person be nominated for a position that they do not hold all the qualifications for, as long as they will meet said qualifications prior to taking office, should they win he election.
  6. The relevant portion of the bylaws reads: "Candidates for Board membership shall be nominated by the Board Development Committee. Each Trustee shall be elected by the majority vote of those members present at the Annual Meeting at which the candidate is presented." There are no qualifications for Trustee other than being a member of the organization. Two questions: 1. Is it proper for the chair to state at the Annual Meeting or Notice of Meeting that there will be no additional nominations from the floor? 2. Is it proper for the chair to allow a vote only on the "slate" of nominations by Board Development Committee, rather than the individual nominees? (The "slate" consists of one nominee of the Board Development Committee per open position.) If either of these actions is improper, what is the appropriate recourse by the membership at the Annual Meeting? (Note that, if additional nominations from the floor are allowed, there will be more nominees than open positions on the Board of Trustees.)
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