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  1. We have an explicit provision that prevents the nominating committee from naming one of their own. Instead members may run by petition (though they’d be running against the nom comm’s nominee). Our nom comm also names replacements for vacant board seats, with no ratification required, to serve until the next election. There’s no restriction on whom they may name, other than member in good standing. Does it seem proper for nom comm to appoint one of their own members?
  2. Guest

    Nominee Withdrawal

    If a nominee withdraws after the date for closing of nominations, shouldn't that nominee be forced to run from the floor? The Secretary claimed that the withdrawal was not "formally" done, so the the nomination was allowed to stand.
  3. Some background before I get to the root of my query. We are a student government organization representing about 30,000 students. We recently had elections for President and Vice president. Our voting procedure is as follows: Nominations are made. The following council meeting debates are held and the council votes. There are three rounds of voting; the first two rounds require quorum, the last requires simple majority. One the ballot the only options were the single ticket running, or to reopen nominations. During the second round of voting the nominations were reopened, no other t
  4. if no candidate can be found during nominating process can the board appoint someone after the election is held
  5. If the Bylaws don't specify how the voting process for election of officers of a Board must take place, then an adopted motion specifying how to proceed dictates the process. So, if that motion states that nominations shall be made by secret ballot, followed by a secret ballot election of officers, my question is may a member nominate themselves for an office? There is really no way to prevent them from doing so anyway, since the nomination is by secret ballot. Alternatively, if nominations are taken from the floor for example, may a member nominate themselves for an office or must it be done
  6. Our organization's by-laws allow for self nominations for Officer and Governor positions from the membership during our election process, requiring that these nominations, with the appropriate 5 signatures of other members endorsing the candidate, be received by the Recording Secretary by a specified date. This year, when the time came for the self nomination period to open, the Recording Secretary's position was vacant, so the official notice published to the entire membership specified that all such nominations must be received by a specified person who had been appointed by the President/Bo
  7. We are getting ready to vote for executive officers in my organization. If one person is nominated for 2 or 3 different positions, should that person be asked in advance of the vote which position they will accept? How would this be resolved?
  8. Hello, I am a staff member for a municipal corporation supporting a citizen's advisory board. A question has arisen as to the proper procedure for nominating and voting to select the chair of an advisory board for the year. After nominations were made, each nominee gave a nominating speech. Two speeches were very short (two or there sentences), and one was longer. After each nominee spoke, another member, who has served as Chair in the past made a philosophical comment on the purpose and function of the board as an advisory committee. His comment was not specifically directed at
  9. My society bylaws state: The elected officers shall be elected by ballot at the convention to serve a term of four (4) years, and shall not be eligible for re-election to the same office. There is no rule for when the nominating committee cannot fill the slate for election. Our society can change bylaws but the changes have to go through the national organization and there isn't time to make changes before the June elections. I hold the current office that needs a candidate. My term will be up in June. I suspect there will be nominations from the floor because this is a diffi
  10. We have a nomination for an officer position that will generate discussion as this person is controversial. The election process clearly states there is to be no discussion of each officer position and you cannot vote against a person without voting for someone else. I have two questions: first, why can't we have discussion? Second, no one will nominate anyone else from the floor. So we have one person nominated that some people won't vote for. However, no one wants to nominate anyone else. If board members are not allowed to vote a "yes or no" on a position how do they vote (or
  11. Hi, quick question - Can our PTO President rescind the nomination of the VP prior to elections? There wasn't a formal closing of nominations last month. Thanks!
  12. Our club elections are coming up next month, per the by-laws, the nominating committee must meet before October 1st and choose members that are willing to hold the offices available. The slate is then presented to the secretary, who sends it out to the membership no less than 10 days prior to the October meeting. At the meeting, members are able to nominate candidates from the floor, then elections take place in November. According to one committee member, the slate submitted to the secretary is not the slate that the committee agreed upon. Specifically, the chairman, whom the committee nomina
  13. Guest


    Can you be nominated for an Office, if you are on the nominating committee? If you can, where is this found? Also, If this person accepts the nomination, do they have to resign from the nominations committee? Where is this in writing?
  14. Hello Robert Rulers, This is my very first post but I've come here and read posts when I needed help in the past. I was just elected President of my neighborhood association last month. The association went inactive for a couple of years and I worked with a small group of neighbors and our city to reactivate it. Since it was the first meeting of the fiscal year we held elections. I ran for President because no one in our small group wanted to and we didn't know if anyone else would. We all ran unopposed and were elected by acclimation/unanimous consent. We had a lady fro
  15. At our annual spring meeting to elect new board officers a group of people were unhappy with the work of the nominating committee (outlined in our "Articles of Incorporation"). The election was in process when objection was made and a debate ensued that admittedly was not handled well by the chair. The assembly moved to suspend elections to a later date. It was unclear whether it was to allow for more nominations by "written petition" or for clarification on our procedures. Since the Nominating Committee presented a full list of nominees to satisfy the slate and nominations were closed two wee
  16. There are two rounds of nomination for the officers of a board. If the current president is nominated for the president position and the president declines the nomination at the first organizational meeting can they change their declination to acceptance at the second organizational meeting? or Can they be nominated again for the same position by either themselves or another board member and accept at the second organizational meeting?
  17. Some say yes, because the bylaws specify that nominations to the board of trustees are made by a Nominating Committee. Others say no, because after the Nominating Committee gives its report to the general membership, the Chair is supposed to call for further nominations from the floor prior to the vote. (RONR 11th ed. p. 435, ll 10-25). The bylaws do cite Robert's Rules as the governing parliamentary authority. The question is complicated by the fact the right to nominate, like the right to speak in debate, is considered a basic right of every member that can curtailed only by disciplinar
  18. Guest

    Election question

    We are electing a new officer (FS), two current officers want to run for the position (EB1 & EB2). Our bylaws state that EB1 and EB2 must resign their current positions to seek FS. This opens two seats. Nominations are in May, election is in June. The FS election will be votes on first. If the nominations for EB1 and EB2 are filled can the loser of FS be nominated and run on election night?
  19. Guest

    Election question

    We are electing a new officer (FS), two current officers want to run for the position (EB1 & EB2). Our bylaws state that EB1 and EB2 must resign their current positions to seek FS. This opens two seats. Nominations are in May, election is in June. The FS election will be votes on first. If the nominations for EB1 and EB2 are filled can the loser of FS be nominated and run on election night?
  20. We are a member organization of 50 and are poise to elect a new president. Presently, only one person is on the ballot. She is included in the slate from our nominating committee. At our monthly meeting in March, our president announced the slate and called for nominations from the floor. When no one responded, she closed the nominations from the floor. There was no motion or vote to do so from the body. It seems that members may want to re-open nominations from the floor before the election due to take place at our April meeting. Since there was only a decree by the chair that the nominations
  21. Our Association is considering doing away with the Nominating Committee as the method of nomination of its officers. I would really like to have some feedback from some folks who work with various groups around the country to get arguments for and against using that method as opposed say to having potential nominees nominated from the floor at the annual committee. In our Society some of the members are convinced that a couple of members who have served 2 non-contiguous one year terms (which is prevented by the bylaws) spoke out in committee against a perfectly qualified candidate who had pe
  22. We are a small charitable organization and have 8 board members. Recently, a Special General Meeting was called to fill three board of director vacancies. Question: At the SGM, 3 people were nominated for these positions. They were not voted on by the members at the SGM or acclaimed, rather, they were presented at the next Board meeting and only one of them was approved by the board. Our practice has always been to allow anyone who volunteered for any board position, to be allowed on the board, then ratify them at the AGM. Did the Board have the right to vote on approving these
  23. Recently, in a meeting where biennial elections were held a member presented a letter from another member who was willing to be nominated but could not be present. The letter was not accepted on the premise that a member has to be present to be nominated. Upon being challenged, the chairman flipped through the local chapter's bylaws, the national bylaws, and then Robert's Rules, but could not find anything to support his decision not to accept it. The chairman refused to accept the letter. Keep in mind, the letter was just intended to document the nominee's consent and willingness to be nomina
  24. Our neighbourhood Home Owners Association recently distributed a survey. One of the questions was "Option A - we would like Wendy to continue as Liaison, or Option B - we would like to nominate ______________ to replace Wendy." Three of us submitted Jan as a nomination to replace Wendy, however when the results were posted (which were reported to and counted by Wendy only!) the response was that the majority of neighbours opted to continue with Wendy. The survey input only went to Wendy, so no other neighbours, other than the three who nominated Jan, knew about Jan's nomination. Should
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