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Found 5 results

  1. An organization to which I belong is imploding. However, it seems that many of the current members of the board who are up for re-election are allowing their names to stand, despite the lack of confidence the general membership has in their abilities to run what's left of the organization. Nominations from the floor are permitted, provided prior written consent of the nominee is obtained. Write-in candidates are also permitted (at least, there's nothing in the bylaws that precludes them). My question is: Are write-in candidates the same as a nomination from the floor -- i.e. would the "prio
  2. Hello to everyone. I am new here, so bear with me. Coming up quickly are the elections for our Registered Society ( Sportsmen's Association), one week away. The current Vice President has just had a slander, libelous and uttering threats complaint filed against him to the local RCMP. These actions were/are against 2 directors of the same society. There is no time left to pursue expulsion or other remedies. Is it possible to not accept nomination. The current President is an employee of the Vp's business and is unwilling to deal with the situation and won't be at Annual General Meeting. His pos
  3. Guest

    Proper Nominee

    Our Club by-laws state that only 'voting' members may be nominated for and office (we also have Jr. and Sr. members who pay half dues and have no voting privileges). Nominating Committee Chair failed to note/realize that a member presented for an office was a Sr. member. 2 days before nominations were to be presented to the membership the Sr. member went into the club office and asked to be moved back to voting member status (which is permitted). Because he asked to move back to voting member status before nominations were presented to membership, is his nomination acceptable/proper? (just see
  4. I know that nominations can be debated, but I need to know if that also means that members can ask direct questions of the candidates during the debate.
  5. Can a member of the association running for a position on an HOA Board, solicit and vote proxies from other members?
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