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Found 3 results

  1. Between board meetings, we have had 3 members of our board resign due to conflicts on the board. As a nonprofit, what is the process that needs to be done if they have submitted their resignations via email and will not be at the next meeting? A few are asking to see the emails. I am under the impression that we just need to make the resignations noted on the minutes and the board acknowledge them. We do not have anything in our bylaws on how to handle this situation. Thank you for your prompt assistance.
  2. This is a nationwide non profit dog club. Can a member motion to the BOD be required to include a specific number of additional member's signatures if stated as such in the Bylaws?
  3. We recently held elections for some open seats on our board. The board allowed a person to vote whom should not have had voting privileges. It was questioned at the time of the vote, however, the concern was overlooked. If his vote is removed the outcome of the election will not change. If the election is re held, the outcome will most definitely change. My question is, can this vote be overturned and a new vote held with only eligible voters participating?
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