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  1. Contractor

    President ex-officio

    Below is the section of the President as it is written in the bylaws. I would like to make sure of the question does the President ex-officio have a right to vote in board meetings. From what I understand, the President has the right to vote, as the bylaws below are silent regarding this action. So as a member shouldn't the President have the right to vote? Robert's Rules states that "the ex-officio status is the intention to permit, not to require, him to act as a member of the various committees, and therefore in counting a quorum he should not be counted as a member." I have been consulting legal counsel and need to make sure whether the President may step in and vote if he wishes as the bylaw do not restrict this action. Section 22. The PRESIDENT shall be the chief executive officer and in the recess of the Board of Directors shall have the general control and management of its business and affairs, subject, however, to the regulations of the Board of Directors. He shall preside at all meetings of the shareholders and of the Board of Directors, and shall be a member ex-officio of all committees. He shall make annual reports showing the condition of the affairs of the company, and make such recommendations as he thinks proper, and submit the same to the annual meeting of the shareholders; and he shall always present to the Board of Directors such information touching the business and property of the company as may be required.