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Found 5 results

  1. We are a small non-profit seeking to expand our Board of Directors. We request new BOD members work on committee for several months before nomination and election to BOD. Recently the nominating committee submitted a candidate for election who had worked on several committee projects over several months without incident. The candidate was elected to the BOD, in early May 2021. On the day of the next scheduled BOD meeting, which would be the first for this newly elected BOD member to attend, the individual became irate about a project of the organization. The individual approached employee
  2. This question has to do with which bylaws to follow in a nonprofit with the following structure: a national organization, with regional/satellite offices, and each regional/satellite office with volunteer chapter(s). The regional office has its own set of bylaws which outline the running of its chapters. Chapters previously did not have Chapter bylaws, rather a Chapter Manual Guide (CMG). Recently, the regional office restructured the CMG to include bylaws, but kept these new bylaws under the the cover/title of CMG. Is this even a thing (as in, can there be bylaws at several
  3. Our 501c3's new (first) Bylaws state that a mid year vacancy in the Executive Committee (made up of four officers) "shall be filled by the Executive Committee with the approval of the school's administration". The current three officers elected a fourth officer, with a 2-1 vote. However, the school administration (principal) is now requiring that the office be filled by a unanimous vote, and will accept/approve the same, or any other candidate, as long as the current three officers all vote in favor of the candidate. Can administrative approval impose a requirement that does not align with vot
  4. Hello, One board member, elected (secretary) on executive committee was dismissed, Vice-chair and Treasurer resigned. can Chair appoint "pro-temp" to fill vacancies until board holds elections as bylaws prescribe?
  5. We are a nonprofit and are having a special board meeting to vote on a motion. If some board members cannot attend, can their vote be counted if they send it in my email, writing or by phone? Which one? All? None? If so, does their vote need to be sent to the Secretary of the board to be counted?
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